list of top 25 Clash of Clans hacks

Top 25 Clash of Clans Hacks – All of them with Latest Version 2020 [Download]

List of top 25 Clash of Clans hacks

Clash of Clans is the most popular strategy game of the last decade, and it still outperforms its contemporaries and modern-day competitors. The game has the unique and engaging content which no one else is even near to which stands as the primary reason behind its success.

When I talk about Clash of Clans, I talk about a PvP online multiplayer game which means your enemy is as smart as you which makes both side equally strong. If you wish to outperform your enemies, you may want to try your hands on some of the most popular Clash of Clans Hack. There is no root required on your device to run these hacks. All of these hacks are based on the latest version of the Clash of Clans and are available for direct download. If you are wondering if online gems generator work, they do not. All of such generators are fake because we can’t modify attributes of a server-based game. However, you can download these hacks without verification for free.

There is no wonder as of why these hacks became so popular. They work on a private server, that means no violation of fair use policy and no account bans. Here are the 25 most popular Clash of Clans hacks that are ruling the internet:

Top 25 Coc hacks

1. Free Gems Hack

Gems, unlimited? Yes, you heard it right. This hack is majorly famous for its unlimited gems feature. Gems are hard to obtain in the game, and the only other way to acquire gems is by purchasing them. However, this hack will provide you with an unlimited amount of gems which you can further use for buying builder huts, instant upgrades, hero boost, barracks, and spell training boost. Like all the other hacks on this server, this also works on a private server which is the core platform for its modified content. So, rather than searching for online gems generator, opt for these unlimited gems hack which is safe and works like a charm.

2. Unlimited Gold Hack

unlimited gold hack

As the name suggests, this hacks only provides unlimited gold. Particularly good for users who have good combat skills and only need a helping hand in upgrading their base to defend better. Gold play as the primary currency in the game which can be utilized to upgrade defense assets, buy new defense assets and engage in battles. Specifically a perfect choice for those users who want to experience hacks without raising a bar among fellow users. It can be downloaded from a safe and secure server by clicking on the link below:

3. Unlimited Elixir Hack

Unlimited Elixir hack

Unlimited Elixir as its name suggests provides countless elixir for free. Never experience the insufficiency of elixirs in your storages. Elixir is another prime currency in the game which can be used to train troops, upgrade gold storage and mines, upgrade walls after reaching Town hall level 9, upgrade troops, upgrade laboratory, brew and upgrade spells. This hack is the right choice for users who are looking to try out and discover new attack strategies. Unlimited elixir will help you to try new troops and spells, try new attack strategies and check the combat strength of different combinations without losing anything from your pocket. You can download the Unlimited Elixir hack from the link below:

4. 99999999 Hack

Do you know why this hack is called 99999999 Hack? Because it is the maximum value that the Clash of Clans’ resource attributes can have. 99999999 hack apk is a modified version of the original game which is hosted on a private server. Being hosted on a private server, it allows the alteration of in-game resources through simple mods and hacks. All the resources in the game are unlimited and absolutely free to use. Furthermore, this is one of the best hacks among all the other ones. 99999999 hack also provides some of the classic features like unlimited troops and updates from within the app.

5. FHX Hack

We will go out on a limb to say that it is one of the most brilliant private servers to date. FHX hack works seamlessly on any Android or iOS device without any root access. So, no more messing up with your phone. Unlike the original Clash of Clans, FHX Hack works on a private server and not the Supercell one which opens its boundaries to modification. This privately owned server results in some of the best and amazing features like customization of troops and custom heroes, to name a few. Getting Gold, Gems, and Elixir in abundance has never been so easy with the new Clash of Clans FHX server. Get your own copy of FHX hack by clicking on the following link:

6. Lights Hack

Lights Hack or also known as the Clash of Lights is finally getting that much-needed hype, and we can’t wait to tell you why. With unlimited resources that it offers for free, it can also handle a good amount of users in one go, unlike other private servers which tend to crash often. Lights Hack lifts of all the restrictions on modification. Using Lights hack, you can design your very own troop uniforms, train more troops in the increased army space and much more. It’s powered by a strong processor unit which can handle more than enough users in a go that means, no connectivity issue. Download Lights Hack from the following link:

7. MiroClash Hack

MiroClash is a newly developed private server for Clash of Clans by and few other associates. This server is powered by a robust processor which ensures high uptime and low latency. The private server provides frequent updates which assure an amazing gameplay experience. Clash of Clans recently released Town Hall 13 and the best part about MiroClash is that it supports the all-new Town Hall level 13. Some of the other useful features of Miro Hack includes regular updates to keep you on the go and siege workshops upgraded to their maximum level. Head to the following link to get Miro Hack now:

8. Souls Hack

Clash of Souls is a modded version of Clash of Clans hosted on a private server. In this way, it holds no accountability to the Supercell servers and thus opens the gates to unlimited modifications. Clash of Souls, or popularly known as Dark Souls private server provides unlimited coins, elixir, dark elixir, gems, and other resources. Not only will this help you to figure out your best attacking and defense strategy, but it will also save your time that you’d have rather wasted in earning coins and other resources. One of the most popular hacks, download it from the link here:

9. Money Hack

As a player of the Clash of Clans you use virtual currencies such as elixir to train your armies, gold for upgrades and gems for boosts; acquiring these resources can be a cumbersome process if you are actively involved in war or get raided. Getting gems is even more difficult but there is an easier way, you can buy them. Clans of Clans money hack allow you to bypass in-app purchases which require real money, to acquire gems and other resources for free by tweaking the app’s XML files. So you can enjoy the game without making a big hole in your pocket.

10. Clan Wars Hack

Clan wars hack

Clan wars is a forty-seven-hour event full of adrenaline, rush, and excitement in which you attack members of other clans. Winning Clan war is very crucial for a clan and its members, as it awards you with war loots, war base loots, clan perks, adds stats in your profile and level ups your clan which unlocks additional benefits such as higher clan castle storage, level up troops while donating and shared resources. Clan Wars can be tempered using hacks, allowing to you to win wars easily, by enabling infinite clan castle troop donation, viewing the location of traps of the enemy base, and carrying unlimited troops for war attacks and much more.

11. Accounts Hack

Ever been jealous of that maxed out townhall 12, housing a Giga tesla inside it, I bet you’ve been. Even with hacks and mods that grants access to infinite resources, it may take you a while to max out all your building, including walls and traps, but what if you could gain access to someone else’s account who seems invincible, has strategically placed defenses, storage overflowing with resources and is exactly like what you always wished for. Yep, you could do that using Clash of Clans account hacks which you guessed it allows you to hack an account and take control of it; with a few taps and clicks, you can get the account of your choice.

12. Cydia Hack

Cydia is a package manager mobile app for iOS that enables a user to find and install software packages on jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices. One of the best things about Cydia is, it can be used to hack Clash of Clans for iOS devices and get unlimited resources. Cydia hack basically works by jailbreaking your iOS device and then installing Cydia Impactor on your device. Once the hack is completed, you will get unlimited gems, elixir, gold and dark elixir. Now, enjoy hacks on your iOS devices too. Before Jailbreaking, we recommend you take a back up of your data before jailbreaking it. Download Cydia and Cydia Hack from the following links:

13. DNS Hack

The DNS hack is one of the most lesser known hacks of Clash of Clans. The process involves changing your DNS address to a DNS address of a private server that will on launch, ask you the number of resources you want. All you have to do is, head to your wifi connections setting and click on the “i” button next to the name of the connected network and click on DNS settings. Further, replace your current DNS with or a DNS server that is 24×7 online. Now, upon launching the Clash of Clans, you will get a prompt for downloading data, click OK and enjoy DNS Hack afterward.

14. Private Server Hack

If you want to get rid of constant annoying updates and score free unlimited troops, customized heroes and buildings, this is your one-stop solution. The Clash of Clans Private Server hack is hosted on third-party servers rather than Supercell servers. Private servers are fast, secure and less crowded

. You will get Unlimited Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems by installing this server. You can upgrade your troops and buy any of them without any effort and cost. You can unlock everything. Take, for instance. You can unlock towers which include Witch Tower, Dragon Tower, Barbarian Tower, and Archer Tower.

15. Shield Hack

The Shield hack is a foolproof way to protect your base from attackers when you are offline and not playing the game. The hack keeps you permanently online so that no one can attack you. It doesn’t matter if you’re online or offline; this hack will guard your base and comes pre-patched with Clash of Lights s4. Being raided is the worst possible feeling. You all must have been attacked or disconnected from the game due to inactivity at some point. You not only feel defeated but you’re also robbed of the gold and elixir that you accumulated over time. This hack will keep you alive and will make sure your enemies do not dethrone you.

16. Trophies Hack

The main aim of Clash of Clans is to level up and get trophies. But it is easier said than done. Well, we have a solution to your problem. To be able to score trophies, try the Trophies hack. This hack lets you generate free unlimited Gems, Elixir, and Gold. The logic being that the more gold, elixir and gems you have, the higher your chances at getting a trophy. It is that easy. You don’t require any additional software to use this hack. It works well both on Android and on iOS. Gold, Gems, and Elixir can help you move levels in the game as well. You kill two birds with one stone.

17. Troops Hack

troops hack

If you’re wondering whether a hack for getting unlimited troops exists or not. We have an answer for you. It’s the Troops hack. The hack will help you stay in the game for longer than you can imagine. You can attack your enemy by utilizing the strength of your 10000 troops. These troops men are capable of taking you out of a sticky situation faster than you think. For this to happen, you need to have your android phone rooted or your iDevice Jailbroken. Then, download Xmod. Moving forward, you can select your troops and select any number of troops that you desire. It is super convenient, isn’t it?

18. Quick Upgrade Hack

With the Quick Upgrade hack, the buildings will get upgraded in no time. If you want to build or enhance your gold storages and elixir collector, you can seek the help of this hack. It works wonders. Clash of Clans is no doubt the most addictive game of our time but waiting patiently to upgrade our defensive buildings is honestly too much to ask for from a millennial gamer. Upgrade your Empire, Builder’s Huts, Builder Hall, Builder barracks and battle machine in the Builder Base. If you didn’t think this was possible, we hope this hack will prove you wrong.

19. Defense Hack

It doesn’t get any better than this. An old strategy that some of you may have used while playing Clash of Clans involved placing your Town Hall in a defenseless location to bait attacks. This trick no longer works, and you’ll end up losing a lot of resources. With the Defense hack, your primary defense wall and the storage buildings at the center get auto shield protection. It becomes a cakewalk. You will be surprised by how much time you have on your hands now to refocus on your game once you’ve shifted that focus away from your enemies. It is freeing really.

20. Buildings Hack

Pre-laid out Coc Base designs and gold mines is that you will get free access to once you score the buildings hack. You will not have to wait to upgrade your Builder Hall at level three like you would have to do in the original Clash of Clans game. It will not cost you a bunch of elixir like it would have in the original game. You’ll get at least two free gems every day whether you play or not once you have the Gem Mine unlocked. Upgrading the mine exponentially increases the gem production rate and also increases the number of gems it can store.

21. Spell Hack

Get more than 10,000 free spells with this Spell hack. If you have fallen off your chair after reading this, then get back on and keep reading. The Clash of Clans spells hack offers you the following spells. You can use the following spells whenever you deem fit: Lightning spell, jump spells, freeze spells, clone spells, earthquake dark spell, poison spell, haste spell, and skeleton dark spells. Spells can change the course of the game if you use them at the right time. You can use them to heal your troops when in battle or to increase their strength.

22. In-App Purchase Hack

Get gems for free without paying a penny with the Clash of Clans in-app purchase hack. This hack comes with all premium features and upgrades that you would have to pay for in a normal situation. It can be anything, like faster upgrades in a game or your choice to remove ads from an application. With this hack, your dreams will come true. You can score features for free using the in-app purchase hack. Some of the apps will need your Android or iOS phone to be rooted. Please keep this vital piece of information in mind before going through with your plan.

23. Magic Items Hack

magic items hack

Score free unlimited Books, Potions, Rune, Hammer with the Magic Items hack. In Clash of Clans, various types of magical items are available for a price, and each has its unique use and appearance. All magic items are split into four categories. Some of them have a symbiotic relationship with your builder base. If you have a magic item, then you have a choice to cash the Magic items for gems. Isn’t this the best hack out of all of them? What do you think? Upon getting magic items, you can add them in your inventory and can use when needed.

24. Siege Machine Hack

With the Siege Machine hack, you can use the siege for attacking your enemies as many times as you want in the game. There are no limits. The Siege Machines introduce different gameplay to your village. Using the siege machine hack, you can smash through walls, bomb defenses and deliver your Clan Castle reinforcements directly into the heart of your enemy’s base. That’s not all. There are myriad things you can do with the Siege Machine hack. The sky’s the limit. Make sure you keep in mind that you have to root your Android or iOS device before installing the Siege Machine hack.

25. Magic Hack

Magic hack or popularly known as Clash of Magic hack is just like any other hack. Similar to other hacks, the Magic hack is also hosted on a private server. It hosts Clash of Clans on its personal server which gives it complete freedom for all the modification. With little to no connectivity issue, it works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices. The hack provides the instant upgrade feature by which you can upgrade your buildings instantly. Also, it gives you unlimited magic items using which you can boost your army’s strength. You can download Magic Hack the downloading it from the following link:

Wrapping Up

barbarian and sun setting

At the end of Battle Day, the winner is the clan with the most stars scored against the enemy. Sounds simple, right? It does seem more straightforward in theory than in practice. These “25 Clash of Clans Hacks”, however, can help you achieve victory instantaneously and help you destroy your enemies. Rage against the dying light and conquer your deepest and darkest fears in the game by installing these hacks right away. You will benefit out of them to a great extent!

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