Siege Machines Clash of Clans

Siege Machines – What are they and how to use them?

Siege Machines Clash of Clans

Self-defensive Town Hall with Giga Tesla, Siege Workshop & Siege Machines, Electro Dragon, New TH12 Building Levels and a lot more, Town Hall 12 update is a balanced approach to defensive and offensive weaponry upgrades. However, the most exciting feature introduced to Clash of Clans is the Siege Machine.

What are Siege Machines?

Siege Machines are special weapons built in the workshop and have the ability to carry your Clan Castle Troops. Town Hall 12 update brings three types of Siege Machines

  • Wall Wrecker
  • Battle Blimp
  • Stone Slammer

They can only be used during an attack and not while defending your own Town Hall. Each offers a unique way of transporting and deploying your reinforcements during the attacks. Siege Machines cease to exist either when they are damaged by the opponent’s defenses, or when they complete their objectives, or when it is ordered to do so by the player. Another game Castle Clash provides unlimited resources to get similar looking weaponry to destroy opponent but they can be used in a attack as well unlike Siege Machines of Clash of Clans.

Once destroyed, a Siege Machine deploys reinforcements housed within, during your attacks. Siege Machines offer an entirely new gameplay mechanics to your created village. Using them, you can break through walls, bomb defenses, and even can deliver your Clan Castle reinforcements into the midst of your enemy’s base.

You can train Siege Machines in Siege Workshop, a new building which is accessible by players of Town Hall 12 and they will carry and defend your Clan Castle into a fight.

What Siege Machines Do?

Siege Machines can do quite a few things, and they are excellent at

  • Carrying Clan Castle troops
  • Destroying obstacles that come in its way
  • Shield against spells (in case of Wall Wrecker)

Each Siege Machine will offer a unique method of deploying and transporting troops during attacks. Once the machine reaches the targeted location, it will self-destruct, releasing the forces within.

Who can use these Siege Machines?

Siege Machines aren’t only for Town Hall 12 players, and even Town Hall 6 players can use them. If you are in Town Hall 12, you can donate the Siege Machines to your mates of Clan Castle Level 6 or higher. All players can use them as a new and effective strategy while fighting against rivals.

As Town Hall 12 unlocks, two types of Siege Machines become available, the Battle Blimp and the Wall Wrecker. Both machines approach the opponent’s Town Hall in their way, and Wall Wrecker takes the ground route while Battle Blimp travels through the air dropping bombs on its way.

Three Types of Siege Machines

1. The Wall Wrecker Siege Machine

Wall Wrecker Clash of Clans
Wall Wrecker has two purposes one is to destroy anything that comes on its way and secondly offer a fully-armored shell of heavy materials to defend its precious cargo. You can upgrade this machine for up to level 3 using the gems and gold which you can also get for free. This Siege Machine itself is not subject to spells but once it deploys troops your clan castle troops, they will be under the influence of the spells. It will plow through Wall Pieces and will destroy any buildings along its way. In the game, not only the Wall Wrecker grants you a way to shield your Clan Castle Troops from oncoming waves of enemies, but it also opens up a set of new strategies for funneling your clans as the Wrecker cleans the way to victory.

  • Not subject to spells
  • Destroy Buildings in its path
  • Plows through Wall Pieces with the power of 10x Damage
  • Defend Clan Castle against Assaults
  • Also can be used to Funnel clans through a unique location

Offensive Strategy

Wall Wrecker can be used to Wall Breakers and Golems in a kill team, due to their abilities from their high damage and highpoints against walls.

Upgrade Differences

In the start, the Wall Wrecker is a red box of wood with brown edges and a hatch on the top.
It gains metal plating on the front edge at level 2.
And it gains spikes on the metal plating, and the bottom edges will turn into metal at level 3.

2. Battle Blimp Siege Machine

Battle Blimp Clash of Clans
It is a small airship, kind of like a barrage balloon with a propeller. The Battle Blimp glides over enemy defenses carrying the troops directly into the center. It will continuously drop a barrage of bombs as it beelines for the enemy Town Hall.

Battle Blimp is quicker, reliable, and more effective than the Wall Wrecker, but it will take less damage before it is forced to drop its payload. You can fill the Battle Blimp with only Valkyries, drop a specific amount of spell on enemy Town Hall and can see the chaos ensue as the Valkyries create destruction when they’re successfully dropped from the height of skies. Battle Blimp has on edge over the Wall Wrecker due to its ability to drop bombs and travel at a faster rate.

  • Battle Blimp can drop Bombs
  • Soars over Defenses and goes straightly for the opposing Town Hall
  • Fast Speed than The Wall Wrecker, but can only withstand little damage

Offensive Strategy

It is helpful in supporting an air attack, and there are many ways it can be used to reinforce an attack are the following:

  • While playing a game, you can place a Lava Hound inside this Siege Machine, so that it can offer itself an additional edge as meat-shield once it is destroyed or reaches the base’s core.
  • You’re capable of placing a Dragon to ravage the Town Hall when the machine reaches it. However, you should beware of nearby Giga Tales, and Air Defenses can also be deadly.

Defense Strategy

  • You can place Air Defenses in your way to defend likely paths to the Town Hall.
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  • A single target can easily smash a Battle Blimp if you can path an air attack in a way that the Siege Machine speedily separates from the troop.
  • Several Air Mines are useful to fend off the Battle Blimp from reaching the Town Hall, primarily if the ground attack was used to blast defenses

Upgrade Differences

  • In the start, the Battle Blimp Siege Machine is a red blimp with spiked metal on both front and back sides.
  • The wooden boards are laced to the blimp’s sides. The blimp’s side gains metal reinforcements at level 2.
  • Each wooden board is transformed or replaced by a metal plate At Level 3.

3. Stone Slammer Siege Machine

Stone Slammer Clash of Clans
A Siege Machine that does not target the town hall first instead it is famous for prioritizing defensive buildings. It will avoid all types of enemy buildings and troops while any defenses remain to stand in the battle. Stone Slammer also can be used where there are no Clan Castle troops. However, when it is smashed, nothing will spawn from it. This machine is a important new tool for clash attackers of Town Hall level 10,11 and 12 as it will make attacking a little easier. While the other two Siege Machines strike the Town Hall making it a cakewalk for the enemy defense to counter-attack.

The Stone Slammer has by far more hitpoints than any other Siege Machine about double that of Battle Blimp and even more than a Wall Wreaker. The cost of getting this Siege Machine is 100 thousand gold but you can get it for free in CoC private servers.

  • Immune to spell effects
  • Highest Hitpoints
  • Targets enemy defenses

How to use Siege Machine?

How to use Siege Machines
If you successfully unlocked Town Hall 12 or received a donated Siege Machine, then it will show up on your troop’s list and can be deployed in the same way as a Town Hall 12 player would do. In the game, whenever you receive a Clan Castle reinforcements from your mates, you will be able to see a new button on your screen.

But how do you put troops in siege machines?

You can hit the icon to deploy your Clan Castle forces and attack the old-fashioned way, or you can choose to destroy your way to the Town Hall with a Siege Machine. When you deploy the machine, your armies are placed inside and will remain until one of three events happen such as the Siege Machine reach the Town Hall, it is destroyed, and your order for self-destructing to deploy your troops manually.

How Do I Get Siege Machines?

The workshop at Town Hall 12 will enable you to create Siege Machines. After that, you are also able to donate machines to your mates that are at least TH 10, or use them in the battle for yourself. You can train Siege Machines in the troop training sections and can store them in the Workshop.

Upon upgrading the Workshop, you will receive more Siege Machines and their upgrades. Donated machines are live in your Clan Castles, and you can only grant the machine just a time. No one siege machine will assist you in defending your village. In the battlefield, you can opt between Siege Machines which are trained by you or a donated Siege Machine by mates. Currently, there is no way to transport troops from army camps inside the machine.

Attacking Strategy for Siege Machines

There is no need to use Siege Machines in every battle to gain an advantage. It always depends on the situation, you’re attacking and the army composition you are running. You don’t need to select that while training clans, you decide that during scouting.

Taking out Defenses

When your Clan Castle is wholly filled with Valkyries, you can put them into Battle Blimp Siege machine and use a Rage Spell to take down a defence or even the Town Hall without investing troops. The only thing that you must make sure is that the Siege Machine will survive the path to the desired location.

The Troop Delivery

Wall Wrecker can be a good and secure way to deliver your armies, including Hog Riders, Valkyries, a Tank, Bowler, etc. in the exact location where the battle is going on. Each Town Hall has a built-in defence system, which will prevent harsh situations where some leftover clans lock on to the Town Hall and destroy. With the Battle Blimp Siege Machine you can clear the way to the Town Hall after all your troops are done as the Siege Machine will target the Town hall for heroes.

What Troops do Siege Machines work best with?

It’s maybe too soon to say all the new army composition for taking down and new defensive strategies coming in the next months, but for now, the best mixture is Valkyries with Rage Spells for sure as they will destroy buildings within no time and no damage output in the land can fend off them. Another brilliant option is to use a Golem inside the first Siege Machine because it will deliver a significant number of forces directly inside the targeted area where the battle is going right now.

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