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MiroClash is a Clash of Clans private server. This server is very well renowned for its features, server performance, and hardware capabilities. MiroClash runs on top of a cluster of servers each of which has 8 core hyperthreaded CPUs and 64 gigabytes of RAM.

Miro Clash has a community of over 10 thousand players who constantly work on improving the server. The suggestions given by the community members are taken into consideration when a new version is to be released. This private server hosts Clash of Clans as well as Clash Royale (CR) mods. But the server is primarily focused on delivering the best performance to Clash of Clans users.

The modified version of MiroClash as available on the official site offers unlimited troops and their upgrades. These troops can involve as many dragons, Valkyries and Goblins. Any player can use these troops to develop attack strategies to 3-star every base.

Download MiroClash APK

Clash of Clans Private server logo

Version10.322-40 (New Server)
Size109.5 MB
RequirementAndroid v4.4 and up

Features of Miroclash CoC APK

After installation and minor updates, every player using MiroClash gets access to unlimited resources. These resources include everything ranging from resources such as Gems, Gold and Elixir, to troops like the electro dragon and Goblins. To enable these features a player has to install the game by following a set of guidelines(mentioned below) and updating the app after installation. Unlike original CoC APK, there is no need of buying resources to train troops in MiroClash. Once these resources are utilized properly, a player can instantly upgrade his/her base to town hall 12 (TH12).

Unlimited Resources in Clash of Clans

Here is a table presenting all the resources offered by this server.

You will get GemsUnlimited
Dark ElixirUnlimited
ServersLatest server
Building Time0 Sec

If you like playing games that offer unlimited resources in their modified versions than you might want to try Vegas Crime Simulator mod as well as, Mini Militia Mega mod both of which come with unlimited ammo and nitro. The mods of these two games unlike Miroclash are hosted on the official servers of the developers dedicated for cheaters.

Workings of MiroClash

MirClash works by offering a custom DNS address for the client application to its server. The Client app distributed from the official site has a different DNS address and port number. Once the application is installed on any device it connects to the specified address and not to Supercell servers.

On the server side i.e. on MiroClash servers all the players with Client application are connected together. All the players get the maximum number of resources and start the game with Townhall level 7. From there, players can just focus on strategizing their game plan to attack other players who also happen to have unlimited troops and resources.

Dragon from MiroClash

MiroClash boasts the best in class servers which are able to deliver heavily modded Clash of Clans app. The server because of its extremely high specs is able to handle over ten thousand players at a time. The maintenance and upgrade break of the server is estimated to be around 30 mins. Infrequent server upgrades make it less annoying server when compared with Clash of Lights like servers.

Server Specification

  • 8 core processor
  • 64 Gb of Ram
  • Unlimited Space
  • High-Level Security

Installation on IOS Without Jailbreak

At ClashServers.net we don’t offer an iOS version of MiroClash. Most of the versions of this server available on the internet are fake. Although some XDA developers have created a beta MiroClash server. Here is the procedure to install the beta version:

  • You have to download the IPA File on your Computer
  • Download Cydia on your computer
  • Using a USB cable Connect your device with a computer.
  • Open the Cydia on your computer and select your device.
  • Copy the MiroClash IPA File using Cydia.
  • Cydia will ask Apple ID and Password for verification
  • After Installation go to Settings then General then Profiles (or “Device Management” or “Profiles & Device Management”). Find the profile with your Apple ID and open it.
  • Just you have to Tap on the trust button.
  • Now Enjoy Playing the game.

Other versions of MiroClash

Here are some of the older versions of the client-side application of MiroClash. In case the latest version of the game is not compatible with your device, you can try installing them.

Please note that these outdated versions might contain bugs. Some players reported that their application was not loading after installing these versions. Download them at your own discretion.

  • Outdated version 9.345.23-32 for Android.
  • Outdated version 8.974.29-43 for iOS.


Please note that this article is for education purpose any kind of misuse of any private server clashservers.net is not responsible. These servers are developed by the third party and not linked with a supercell.

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