th12 base layout latest 2018

Latest TH12 Base Layouts – War & Trophy Farming Base (2020 Update)

Looking for TH12 base designs layouts here you will find best and unique base layout designs that you can use to defeat your opponent attack.

Clash of clans introduced Townhall 12 in their update in June 2018, and that’s update bring the huge change in the game and change the game enjoyment.

You will find many coc th12 bases layout across the internet, but the layout of bases I’m going to share is our unique design and approved by gurus.

th12 base layout latest 2018


As lots of people search for coc bases layout and get familiar with the famous layout and easily attack them because they know the strategies that are used in the bases in order to defence attack, so I will say suggest you, you should go through all the th 12 base layout but be unique and change little bit in the design using your mind so in this order you can be unique in your base structure.


I will discuss most famous base layouts, including th12 farming, war bases, hybrid, Trophy farming bases and will guide you how you can do change in them to be unique.

So, fasten your seat belts and be attentive.

Anti 3 Star TH12 War Base Layout

If you are continuously under attack from multiple sides of your base then TH12 war base layout is best for you, you can use this design to betray them and counter their attack.

Because this base uses Inferno tower in the best possible position, and with the help of Air Defense system, you can easily counter the attack and destroy the enemy siege machines. This is a highly effective base layout and will make graves of enemies outside of your base this design will not let them enter in your base.

Anti 3 Star th12 war base layout

Anti 2 Star TH 12 War Base Trophy Layout

If you are looking for more Trophies, then this base layout design is best for you as this th12 war base layout will enable you to achieve more trophies that you can get in any other base so have a look on its strategies.
If the attacker will attack from the bottom or will not build a proper funnel to attack will be caught in your defensive base layout, and you can easily beat them and push yourself towards the trophies.

Anti 2 star Townhall 12 Trophy pushing base

TH 12 Hybrid Base Design

The concept in hybrid bases use that you will not build all your building in one location, you will use diversified strategy in constructing your building, and this base using all the bases structure so keeps in mind the formation of other two bases build this sophisticated base design.
The primary purpose of this base is to protect Dark Elixir and keep them in the middle of the base and push your self towards more trophy farming stage. In this case, you don’t care much about gold and elixir as you already achieved the th12 so more focus on the building locations and dark elixir location.

Th12 Hybrid Base Design 2018

This layout is from one of the best coc bases layout, and this is most adopted design and even this design help you to protect your trophies and be unique while selecting the base design and building your base always be unique.

Please keep following this article as I will update this article with more easy bases designs and with best strategies.

If you have any question, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment I will be happy to answer your questions.

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