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FHX Private Server APK – Download Latest version (Working in 2020)

FHX server

The list of best Clash of Clans private server is incomplete without having a mention of FHX server.

Private servers have grown popular in the last few years and the main reason for their expansion is the overly priced items in Clash of Clans’ store. Most of us do not want to spend hundreds and thousands of real money on something that we cannot even feel or touch.

With private servers like FHX, you have access to unlimited troops, unlimited gold, gems, and elixir. So, you can try out new attack strategies, troop combination, different base designs and what not and once you feel confident enough, you can always come back to the original version.

What is a private server and how FHX server works?

how to use fhx server

To explain in simple words, a private server is a machine or virtual machine that is administrated privately.

Since the private servers need an apposite internet connection, the power consumption and maintaining the server up-time becomes noisy. However, this never has been an issue for the FHX server. It is mostly up and running and that’s why FHX server is one of the most used private servers for Clash of Clans.

The private server gives the developer the freedom to freely modify resources without any restrictions. With the latest version FHX v8, users will receive unlimited resources, all their collectors filled with Gold, gems, elixir, and dark elixir to the top.

Download FHX APK

Clash of Clans Private server logo

Size85 MB
RequirementAndroid v4.4 and up


Right before downloading the FHX Server, we would like to mention some features that make it stand out among other servers so you don’t feel like you’ve been just duped into downloading the mod.

Here is a quick look that FHX has to offer:

Dark Elixir10000000
Troops 10000000
ModificationYes Available
ServersSecure and Fast
Building Time0 Sec

Here are 5 amazing features of FHX server APK that will convince you into downloading it right away:

  • Zero build time – If you have played Clash of Clans for quite some time, you might be well versed of the fact that build time is something that’s intolerant and some of the upgrades can even take months. To eliminate this problem with the original version, FHX Server offers zero build time that will upgrade your build your structure in no time for free.
  • Unlimited Gems – We are running out of gems every now and then. These little stones cannot be earned easily and only have limited sources. However, with the FHX Server, you will be given unlimited gems so you can use them in boosting your barracks, spell factories, lab upgrades, heroes and much more without thinking twice.
  • Unlimited Elixir – As you up in your town hall level, the armies will be expensive to train. Troops like minors, bowlers, electro dragon are too expensive to train and if by any chance the attack fails, you are in deep trouble. To remove the pressure of performing a successful attack every time and to let you play freely, FHX server provides unlimited elixir and dark elixir.
  • Unlimited Gold – As you level up in the game, the upgrades will get expensive than ever before. A single upgrade can cost you millions. If you are not looking to go bankrupt in the game, you can download the FHX server APK instead where you will be getting access to unlimited gold.
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  • Upgraded troops and defense – In addition to unlimited resources, you will also be receiving upgraded troops and upgraded structure which include Barracks, Builder huts, Army Camp, Cannons, Archer tower, walls, mortar, and much more with the FHX Server APK.

5 Types of FHX Server

The best part about the FHX server is its different variants. These variants are all linked to the same server but differ in what they have inside. You can have a look at the 4 different versions of the FHX servers and choose the one that’s best for you:

  1. FHX Server X – It is one of the best variants of the FHX server because it is a fully customized server where you can create your own heroes, buildings, and feed them powers of your choice. With unlimited resources in your treasures, you can build anything and everything. In addition to that, it also offers in-app purchases for free. Download Here.
  2. FHX server DSG – Providing a legit taste similar to the one offered by the clash of clans, this server restricts modification on its server. Playing on FHX server DSG is just like playing the original version, just with unlimited resources. Download Here.
  3. FHX Server A – FHX Server A is FHX Server X with the ability to customize more. You can use your creativity to build builds and heroes with unique powers with unlimited resources that you get with this version. This is the best version of FHX server if you like playing to your rules. Download Here.
  4. FHX Server B – FHX Server B is just a better version of FHX Server A. With modifications and customizations like FHX Server B, making and designing your building becomes easier than before. Same applies to the heroes too. Download Here.
  5. FHX Server SG – No uniques features, it is almost similar to the FHX Server DSG. Download Here.

How to use the FHX Server?

FHX server doesn’t have any specific requirements. It requires no root access and can be run on a device running Android 4.1 and up with available local storage of around 200 MB. Installing the FHX Server on your device is easy too.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use FHX.

  1. Uninstall the original version and clear cache.
  2. Turn on installations from unknown resources under the privacy menu.
  3. Install the FHX server APK file.
  4. Give required permission.
  5. Enjoy FHX Server with unlimited resources.


You will not be disappointed if you’re a clash royale fan because FHX Clash Royale is available as well. Private servers are a great way to try your hands on new things, they give you an exposure to figure out the best working strategy for your account. All this may sound tempting but it shouldn’t and I repeat shouldn’t be used for any commercial purposes. Enjoy the clashing a healthy way.

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