Get COC Free Gems World Wide | 100% Working Method{January 2019 Update}

Get COC Free Gems World Wide | 100% Working Method{January 2019 Update}

Playing COC and you are in need of gems and you want them in high quantity well I can say you can earn COC free gems in natural way and free of cost. On the internet you will find lots of blogs claiming to give you free coc gems in 2019 but mostly all of them are fake or they don’t give value added information so you can enjoy free gems.

Today in this article I promise with you to show some legit ways to earn free COC GEMS so you can play your game according to your desire.

coc free gems guide 2018

⇒ I have 2 legal methods for you chose which ever you like but I would Recommend you to go with 2nd Method its works 100% (My all-time favorite)

1st Method:

Coc free Gems Generator in 2019

Well with gems generator you can generate lots of gems only you have to provide your username to the generator it will do rest of the work, you can earn from here without any coc free gem no verification yes you heard it right without any verification.

You will find coc free gem no human verification or stupid survey we don’t offer these stupid things so you could not complete your gems process. You can generate unlimited gems from here.

But this method has one problem sometime the server goes down and you could not generate the credits or gems for your favorite game clash of clans. If the generator is not working then simply moves on the 2nd method which is my favorite method and I am personally using this method.

2nd  Method:

Now I’m going to tell you secret method by using it you can earn free gem even you don’t need any of these following things.

  • No Credit Card or PayPal Account Needed.
  • No Verification or Survey Needed.
  • No email address needed.
  • Works in all over the World i.e. (USA, India, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.)

100% Working Methods for coc Gem:

I’m going to show you my in-game screenshot I have made all of this in few days, you can also.

free gem 2018

I just used this trick for 1 month to get this all using this method I earn more than $1200 and I used them to buy gems as you can see in the screenshot.

Are you Ready??

Today I’m going to show you some apps through which you can earn free credits or you can say free gift cards for google play the amazing this is that is method for free coc gems also work or apple users they can also use this method.

I will show you step by step guide how you can use these apps and how to install them free of cost with just one click and by using it for 15 minutes everyday you can earn much and buy gem.


Please it’s a humble request don’t be greedy while making free gems be calm and regularly make gems the one last thing I want to say that please don’t spam this method.

Get CoC Free Gems (Method 2):

This is a legal method to get coc gem the things you need to consider while installing the apps is that install only one app at one time and after getting the free gift card remove the app and moves to next for better result don’t use all apps at a time.
⇒ Install AppBounty app:

appbounty free giftcards 2018

download and install the AppBounty Apk app from google play store or from the iTunes store its free of cost you can simply download it without any difficulty.

Download Now

How to Use this app?

Simply use this app for some time every day for new offers and if you use this app daily they will give you special Rewards point which you can also use to buy coc gems.

Well the best thing of this app is that you don’t need anything to signup you just simply have to install the app and enjoy the free offers.

⇒ Install FreeMyApps app:

get freemyapps giftccards 2018

Install freemyapps Apk for android or for IOS for free gems for clash of clans or you can directly download it from link is below.

If you only see USD Gift cards and you are from other part of the country don’t be confused I will tell you how you can use these $ Cards in your own country so keep following me.

⇒ Install CashForApps App:

cash for apps gift cards guide

It’s a free app you can install CashForApps Apk from google play store or from iTunes for apple users when you first install the app they will offer you free $5 gift card so you can test this app before proceeding further.

How to by Free COC Gem with these Apps (Step by Step):
  • Simply use these app for 15 minutes a day.
  • Earn as much as you can.
  • Earned enough Credit and points.
  • Now we will convert them into real Gift card for google and iTunes.
  • And then Buy Gems from Clash of Clans Store.
  • All Legal.
How to use Free Gem Card in USA $ Currency.

If you are reading this from India, Indonesia, Philippines or from another Country and you are worried about how you can use these free gift cards as your country is different.

Simply change the address of the google wallet to any state of USA Like California etc. and for Apple Change the address of iTunes.

Don’t know how to change address click here to know how to change address.

Changing the address will not harm any of your setting its Safe.

Always Try to Select address from California as in this State there is no Tax on Purchase of Digital products and always try to select $ as your Currency as it has more benefits i.e No Currency Conversions. 

How to Redeem Gift Card?

After changing the address just simply goes to Google Wallet and there Redeem you Gift cards and after redeeming credit will be add up in your google wallet just refresh it and enjoying buying the Clash of clans Free Gems.

If you want to Purchase simply open your game app and then go to store and buy the items like COC Gem in whatever quantity you want ALL IN LEGAL WAY.

COC Private Server

⇒ Have a look on COC Private servers 2019 you may love that too !!

⇒ If you like this article about the free gems then share it with your friends or if you have any questions ask in comment box.

Get COC Free Gems World Wide | 100% Working Method{January 2019 Update}
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