coc base 2018 updated guide

CoC Base Designs: Secret Strategies Step-by-Step

Hy, guys Yogi here with another amazing COC Bases article I know you want to crush your enemy and love to watch them die, and you want to squeeze them again and again when they try to come to your base.

I will show you how you can perfectly design your base and what is the best position for building mortars, cannons, and towers, etc. to achieve the maximum result and destroy your opponent so stay tuned and follow me through the article.

coc base 2018 updated guide

COC Bases Type and Designs:

Most of you know that there are three different types of bases.

  • Farming.
  • Trophy.
  • Hybrid.

You will know all about these basic bases in a while that what are the purpose of bases and which coc bases we chose and what can we achieve with specific base structure so stay stunned.

Farming Base:

A Farming base is typically a base where you can achieve a lot, but the risk is also high, so I have written some pros and cons of this base with my personal experience so have a look on that.

clash of clans farming base


  • High Protection of loot.
  • You will able to Upgrade TH more Quickly.

  • High Trophy loss.
  • The enemies can quickly attack TH.
  • Location of TH is outside of Village.
  • 12 Hour Shield so no one can attack you during this time.
  • Storages are inside the base but townhall outside.

Trophy Base:

This is Trophy base, or you can say Trophy com Farming base, pros and cons of this base are discussed below.

Trophy base coc 2018


  • Enemy attacks protection for TH.
  • High Trophies.
  • You will be on Top of your Clan.
  • Challenging to attack and destroy.
  • If you don’t want to lose your trophies this will best option for you.

  • You will get Low resources.
  • You cannot update your TH Quickly.

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War/Hybrid Clash of Clan Base:

The hybrid design is similar to the trophy coc bases design as the main idea of this base is also to protect your town hall from enemies’ attacks. This is a hybrid base, and this base also has subcategories that I will discuss later first have a look at its pros and cons then decide which base you want to choose.

Hybrid coc bases


  • Townhall Protection.
  • A mixture of Two Bases.
  • Trophies Protection.
  • Resource Protection.

  • Fewer resources as compared to farming.

The main idea behind this coc bases is to place TH and Clan Castle Close with each other to make some resistance for your enemies to attack on your TH.


Don’t Directly upgrade your town hall, first upgrade the buildings and rest of the stuff otherwise things will be messed.

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Base Layout Types and Guide:

This guide will show you how you can make a good layout and what are the most famous coc bases layout and how to use them, some of them are given below.

  • Egg Shell Base.
  • Compartment Base.
  • Bulkhead base.
  • Modified Base..

Eggshell Base:

As you can imagine what type of this coc base will be from its name as egg is protected in its shell the frame of this base is exactly same. In this coc bases your base will be surrounded by the walls and sometime multiple layers of wall, it depends upon you how you want to arrange the things based on your resources.

Even you can surround your base with walls than with building with low priority then again walls and so on, so as I said earlier, it depends upon your creativity how you manage your eggshell base structure.

Compartment Base:

Again, from a name, you can understand that what will be a compartment base. So, in compartment base strategy is that you build your high priority buildings in small apartments or some time apartments in apartments and the buildings with low priority will go outside of the coc bases with wall protection.


You can use this coc bases according to your resource availability and mind creativity.

Bulkhead base:

Bulkhead base is the hybrid base you can use a mixture of eggshell base and compartment base. This is like a big jumbo ship which has many small and large compartments if one compartment is under attack other will provide support and make a counter-attack to the enemies.

Again, I will say its all depend upon your creativity, how to shield the enemy attack and do counter-attack and squeeze the enemy.

Modified compartment base:

A modified compartment base is that where each compartment contains more than one building then as compartment base only one.

So, this all depends upon the creativity of mind and resource available to use your mind to manage your resources.

Building placement Guide
Which Buildings should you put near to the center:

You can place buildings that can give high damage to the enemy near the center and those who can quickly attack the opponent. Like a wizard, the tower gives you more power as they have a small range and have zero weak spot, and another example could be mortared due to their huge range and heavy attack on the enemies.

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Your strategy:

Despite this you should also use your creativity and place some building where you think it’s necessary to place, that will make your base stronger, and you can shield your base in your way.

Other Techniques:

Try Doubling Technique:

You will be wondering what doubling technique is; it’s simple you have to put two layers of the wall around your coc bases followed by space. Like you can build a wall and then leave some space then again build a wall this will gives you shield and time to counter-attack on the enemy.

Fooling Technique:

It’s really a simple and like the doubling technique, build two layers of followed by the space but leave a hole or some break in the first wall and load it with traps, sky high, spring traps or hidden bombs, this hole will attract the attacker, and he will be trapped.
Even you can make this trap smarter by putting some defensive buildings so that this whole will attract the attacker.

If you have any question about the clash of clans bases or any suggestion, please do not hesitate to comment below I will be happy to reply you.

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Please note that this article is for education purpose only any kind of misuse of any information is not responsible. Clash of Clans is Developed and owned by Supercell.

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