Clash Royale for PC

Clash Royale for PC – Download with/without Bluestacks

Clash Royale for PC

Do you sometimes wonder what it would look like to be a ruler from the medieval era?

Are you fascinated by the kind of life Kings and Queens used to have in their huge dynasties?

Would you like to experience that life through an Android game?

Undoubtedly YES. Who wouldn’t want to?

Then pull up the straps of your shoes and dive into the arcade gaming experience of Clash Royale for PC. Bringing the strategy game to your door from middle age, Clash Royale for PC will take you back to the time of Kings and Queens.

You might have got a slight idea what today is going to be about. Yes, this guide is going to take your Clash Royale experience to a bigger screen with better controls. This article is going to be about your all-time favorite mobile game, Clash Royale which is now available on PC. The method of having Clash Royale on PC is a lot similar to that of having Clash of Clans on PC.

Why bother having Clash Royale on PC?

Playing on a smartphone not only requires an extra bit of attention as the elements are too small, but it also cannot project them all at once. To manage tiny creatures crawling up and down on the screen can get difficult and can also cost you a defeat. But not now, the gaming experience gets bigger and better as we bring Clash Royale for PC. Not only you can enjoy the game on a larger display, choosing and deploying your character also becomes more manageable. Our curated article will guide you through everything it takes to make Clash Royale work on PC.

Clash Royale on PC with Bluestacks

Clash Royale Bluestacks

The easiest way to run Clash Royale on a Windows-based PC is to install Bluestacks. This Android Emulator creates a virtual machine inside a host OS (Windows here) and uses the underline hardware to perform its operation.

Requirements to install Clash Royale through Bluestacks:

  1. Administrative rights in the system you are installing the emulator.
  2. A minimum of 2 GB RAM.. (4 GB Recommended)
  3. At least 4 GB of disk space.
  4. DirectX 9.0 or higher.
  5. Bluestacks compatible graphics driver.

Clash of Clans for PC using Play Store

  1. After successful installation, open Bluestacks.
  2. Then open My Apps section.
  3. After getting into My Apps section, click on Play Store and search for Clash Royale
  4. Download as you would download on any Android device and wait while it automatically installs Clash Royale for PC.

Clash of Clans for PC using APK

  1. Download Clash Royale apk from here:
  2. After the file download is complete, head to “My Apps” section in Bluestacks.
  3. Click on the “+” icon in the bottom right corner that will open file explorer.
  4. Select your file and wait for the setup to finish.

Clash Royale for PC without Bluestacks

Clash of Clans standalone exe

Bluestacks is a RAM hungry beast. On top of that, it requires almost 300 MB of secondary storage as well. Bluestacks is not an emulator that you can run on any hardware. If you do, it will hang up the system making it unusable for other system applications.

The reason Bluestacks is so popular among gamers is that of its ability to run any Android application. But we just want a particular Android game (Clash Royale) to be installed on PC. So installing Bluestacks won’t be wise. Most of the user with lower end PCs either prefer a standalone executable version of Clash Royale or an alternative of Bluestacks. Nox app player is a popular choice among Clash Royale players. The procedure of installing Clash Royale on PC with Nox App Player is pretty similar to that of Bluestacks. You download Clash of Clans for PC from the PlayStore that comes inbuilt in Nox App Player.


How to Hack Clash Royale on PC?

We do not support any malicious modifications of an app. However, if you wish to create it for your personal use, there is a way you can hack clash royale on pc, read below to find out how:

Step1) Download the apk file from any trusted website or the link given above.

Step 2) Change the extension of the file from .apk to .rar, a prompt will open mentioning that the created file could be unstable, ignore it.

Step 3) After the .rar file is generated, extract the internal data.

Step 4) Once extraction, locate AndroidManifest.xml or MANIFEST>MF, varies according to versions.

Step 5) Open notepad or notepad++ or any similar text editor with administrative rights and locate the
Note: You can’t edit and save such files if you don’t run notepad as an administrator.

Step 6) Add the modified code and new values according to your needs.

Step 7) Compress the file into .rar format again and then change its extension to .apk

Step 8) Install the modified apk for a hacked version of Clash Royale.

Following this process you can easily create Clash Royale mod apk.

Important: This is a very technical way of altering in-game data and should be performed with sufficient knowledge of the Android system. We do not hold any responsibility if the modified file fails to function correctly.

Can Clash Royale be played online in Browser?

A web-based version of Clash Royale is not feasible. Games like Clash Royale are very complicated in design and need to be as close to the actual hardware as possible. Online games are generally programmed in JavaScript, Java applets or Flash, games designed in these languages access system hardware through the browser. Browsers are not capable of rendering high-quality games as their primary purpose is to display web pages. You can find tonnes of browser-based games, but none of them have a good storyline or graphics.

So if you want to play Clash Royale on PC, the only option is to have it through an emulator or a standalone executable file (.exe).

End Words

Your smartphone could be incapable of handling Clash Royale, and the reason could be anything, the screen is too small, it lags too often, the screen is shattered, or you don’t even have a phone. Whether or not these issues affect you, Clash Royale should be played on a PC at least once because the game requires a bigger and better system for an optimal experience.

According to stats, at least 2 Lakh people worldwide play Clash Royale on PC. Go join them today.

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