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Download Clash of Magic APK – Old and New versions (Weekly Updates)

Clash of Magic

Clash of Magic is a network of custom servers which offes two different mod versions of Clash of Clans. These mods work on dedicated servers managed by some anonymous group of Clash enthusiasts.

What is Clash of Magic?

Clash of Magic is operational since May 2015, which makes it the second oldest private servers after Clash of Lights. The primary purpose of this sever is to allow players from around the globe to connect with each other using mods of Clash of Clans.

Clash of Magic APK is a client-side application that is installed by players who are willing to connect with Clash of Magic servers. The application has a modified code that connects it with the Clash of Magic servers instead of Supercell’s servers. This is done by changing the original DNS address of the application to the Magic server’s DNS address. Clash of Magic Launcher is another app used to facilitate this connection between the client app and the server.

The client-side app also enables players to access unlimited resources such as gems, gold, elixir, and troops. Through the app, a player can connect to any of the two servers S1 or S2 depending on the number of active players on them.

Clash of Clans Private server logo

APKClash of Magic
Size109.5 MB
RequirementAndroid v4.4 and up
Last Updated1 Day ago

Clash of Magic Private Server working

Unlimited Resources in Clash of Clans

Clash of Magic app is one of the best clash of clans private server which comes with two variations one with modification and another without modification. Clash of Magic Apk has four different server versions for CoC (Clash of magic S1, S2, S3, S4) with and without the mod. These Clash of Magic servers are hosted on high-speed servers so you can play the game with high speed and without any difficulty, on this server, you can join any clan or can create clans and have a civil war between friends even you can get help from friends regarding heroes.

Clash of Magic Apk Download is exclusively available for Android and iOS users. Using CoC Magic Launcher app you can get unlimited game resources, and even you can create your custom Heroes and build according to your desire. COM work exactly in the same way as original game work but on a different server and with unlimited everything and the good thing is you can save your game on the magic high-speed private server you will not lose your data as other cheap servers do.

In the Original Clash of clans, you have to play the game regularly to unlock new things and to get gold and elixir. But with this modified app server you will be able to generate gems instantly.

Clash of Magic Server Specifications

Clash of magic mod Apk is hosted on the fastest available servers so you can get maximum benefits from the game, the specification of the serves is given below.

  • 32GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (4×8)
  • 8 Core CPU (4,2 GHz)
  • 1024 GB SSD RAID0
  • 1000Mbps Network
  • 24/7 Available
  • DDoS Protection Enabled
  • 4 Different Servers (With and Without Modification)
  • Version 9.434.4 R1 (We always update our servers ASAP after the original game update)

Clash of Magic Apk Features

unlimited gold and gems

Your favorite Clash of Magic supports all android devices and all ios devices even you can keep your original game on the phone. This is a fantastic feature as on another private server you have to delete the original game to run the private server, but in the magic servers, you don’t need to remove the original game you can keep that too.

And if you wish to play the game on the personal computer or laptop, you can play by downloading the BlueStacks its completely free and will give you an android environment to play the game exactly like a smartphone.

You will get GemsUnlimited
You will get GoldUnlimited
You will get ElixirUnlimited
You will get Dark ElixirUnlimited
You will get TroopsUnlimited
ServersFast & Secure
Air SweeperUnlimited
All PVE (Goblin) mapsUnlocked
Building Time0 Sec

Clash of Magic App – Requirements

To install Clash of Magic or Magic Launcher, download the apk from the link given in the above section. Before installation makes sure your device is compatible with the app.

  • Android Device with Minimum Requirement of 4.0.3, 4.0.4 (ice cream sandwich) or higher.
  • Minimum internal storage of 150 Megabytes.
  • Location Permission
  • Read phone status and identity
  • Media Access
  • Can view Wi-Fi connections
  • Permission of Device ID and call information.

Clash of Magic Launcher Apk

You can also find here the magic launcher. COC Magic launcher will help you to launch the CoC magic APK through it.  For example, in COC you need the premium game to get the gems, gold, etc. but in COC Magic you can get the unlimited everything because it’s a private server. In a private server, you can get what you want using Launcher. So, let’s Dig into details of CO Magic and also, you can g=download it from below button.

Custom Heroes & Custom Buildings Details

Some of the available Custom Heroes and building names list is given below for that clash of magic servers 2019.

Available Custom Heroes List
The war machine (Normal Village)
Goblin King
Giant King
Balloon King
Wizard King
Dragon King
P.E.K.K.A Queen
Minion King
Golem King
Valkyrie Queen
Hog King
Witch Queen
Lava King
Bowler King
Battle Ram King
Bat Queen
Night Witch Queen
Baby Dragon Queen
Mini Sparky
Pumpkin King
Giant Skeleton King
Available Custom Buildings list
Goblin Hut
Goblin Town Hall
All THs as Decorations
All obstacles and special stuff like XMAS Trees as Decorations
All Builder items as Normal Village items
Jonawen Tower
Damager Tower
Electro Dragon Tower
Skeleton Tower
Villager Tower
Minion Tower
P.E.K.K.A Tower
Barbarian King Tower
Archer Queen Tower
Toxic Minion Tower
Ice Wizard Tower
Mini Sparky Tower
Night Witch Tower
Baby Dragon Tower
Bats Tower
Witch Tower & More

Types of Clash of Magic Servers

After just 3 months of its release Clash of Magic got over 5 million downloads. This overloaded the servers and the developers of Clash of Magic had to create separate instances of the server. These servers named as S1, S2, S3, and S4. Each instance also had different features and performance. Later as the popularity of Clash of Clans saw a decline in the number of users, the developers of COM had to shut down S3 and S4.

Clash of Magic S1 (The Black Magic)

Clash of Magic s1 Apk is available for download on server one which is highly modified you can build custom buildings and heroes as much as you can with Unlimited Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Total Freedom. To Download Clash magic s1 click on the download button below.

Clash of Magic S2 (The Hall of Magic)

Magic S2 Download mod Apk is also highly modified as Magic server s1 is, the basic is same the s2 comes with unlimited resources, and you can make custom things according to your desires.


You can download clash Magic s2 by simply clicking on the Download button which is given below.

Clash of Magic S3 (Not Working)

Magic S3 Apk is available for download with little modification as compared to the Clash of Magic S1 and S2 these two servers are highly modified but S3 is slightly modified with 10000 Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir Available. COM S3 is an obsolete private servers. You can download the old version of it fro below given download link.

Clash of Magic S4 (NOT Working)

Magic APK s4 Apk is also called power magic s2 the specialty of server 4 is that this server is not modified you can enjoy game as original, but if you love to make custom buildings and heroes this server is not best for you, you will get Unlimited Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and everything with normal building count.

You can download Clash Magic s4 Apk by clicking on the Download Button.

How the server came into being

Well the first game clash of clans is hosted on the supercell servers and game is also operated by supercell but the clash of magic is not operated by supercell it’s a private server operated and hosted on HIGH-SPEED Private servers. These servers ensure high-speed game playing without any interruption and with full-time secure gameplay, these private servers can protect you from hackers, and DDOS attacks ensuring your identity and your data is safe and encrypted.

This private server is different from Clash of Lights because CoL does not offer instant upgrade features. And this private server provides four different versions; each version has its unique features and benefits. Some offer custom modification and some works precisely in the same way as original game work. In the rest of the article, I will explain to you every step by step so you can choose which is best for you so now it’s totally up to you.

Clash of Lights 100% working

Does the server require root permissions?

To download and install magic on your device you don’t need any rooted android device some blogs still says that you need a rooted device, but if you download the magic Apk from here you don’t need any rooted android device download and install the game on your Android device and enjoy playing the game.

FHX is also considered to be the best private server for COC if you haven’t tried this then you must have to give it a taste. So, if you want to download the FHX server then here is the link to download the FHX servers.

Clash of magic works precisely the same way as Clash of Clans works. So you need an internet connection to play this game. If you want to play the game smoothly you must have a high-speed internet connection this server works fine on the 2G network, but you have a 3G system you will not face any difficulty, and you can enjoy all the features of a game without any struggle.

Why you should not download Clash of Magic

Following are some reasons that you should consider before downloading Clash of Magic.

  • Clash of Magic Apk is updated very frequently thus you won’t be getting the updated download link on Google Play store. You will have to visit this page regularly to download the latest version of Clash of Magic Apk.
    Also, You will lose your game progress whenever the app is updated. but, This won’t matter as you get unlimited gems that can be used to reach the same level anytime.
  • Clash of Magic is created by third-party developers. These apps are not scanned for any miscellaneous software that may damage your phone or can even steal your data.
  • One shouldn’t use such apps as it takes time and hard work to create games like Clash of Clans, on the other hand, third-party developers make use of the original applications and add their own revenue streams to them, causing huge financial loss to the developers.


Note: This article is only meant for educational purposes only.  is not responsible for any misuse of information provided. The original application is developed by Supercell.


As you know Magic is one of the best clash of clans private server, using this server you have the freedom to play the game with modification and without modification, no other private server offers this service and yes, of course, you will get UNLIMITED RESOURCES (GOLD, ELIXIR, DARK ELIXIR).

Please Share it with your friends, and if you have any confusion, then please don’t hesitate to comment on this post or you can directly message on our Facebook page.

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