Clash of Clans War Leagues

Clash of Clans War Leagues – Explained

Clash of Clans War LeaguesClan War Leagues is a fabulous feature that was introduced in the update of Version 11 on 23rd Oct 2018. In simple, it is a league structure for Clan Wars. In a month, clans need to register themselves and fight a week of wars with other clans of similar skill level.

To partake, Clans have to sign-up for Leagues with over 15 members — a brilliant idea, which lets players find the champion within them. At the end of War Week, Clans with the most stars are elected to higher leagues, while other remaining clans stay or are demoted. While playing the game, players gain resources and League Medals from their attacks and receive an opportunity to be awarded bonuses League Medals by Clan Leaders.

In League Wars, groups of eight clans fight against each other with an aim to advance through the leagues. As well as win rewards, while the higher leagues provide the best rewards and bonuses, and publicize themselves as the best clans among all.

Some clans use private servers like Clash of Souls or Clash of Lights to enhance their resources usage and collections. These servers are easy to access and one can enter or exit league matches without damaging racks.

How do Leagues work?

War League logoIn the game, each league will run once per session and once every session. There will be a two-day period for signing up, where clans can sign up to participate in leagues. After the successful registration, clans will be placed in a group with seven other players from across the world in the same league.

The war league starts after creating the group and will last for eight days. On the onset, clans will begin their career in a round-robin tournament, where each clan fights every opposing clan once. Players receive League Medals for their joining rewards in the War League, and they can use their earned medals on different items.

Clan War League Matchmaking

In the league, clans are randomly matched up against seven others in their league laced to form a team. list in a group will fight against each other, and the best clans will move to the higher league. This process of the placing of clans in leagues is known as matchmaking. It may be possible to face either too hard or too easy competitors, but as the time pass the skill levels of the matched Clans will be the same.

Sign-up Session

War league battle for trophy
Clan War Leagues begin with a two-days sign-up period to let players take part in the clan games. During this period, the leader who signs up has to select a list of players(roster) eligible to enter into the league along with him. The roster must include a minimum of 15 players, though the roster can consist of all the 50 players in the clan, given they are suitable for the league. Any player outside of the roster cannot take part in War League.

Through the sign-up period, Clan wars will be unavailable, though ongoing wars can continue. Those clans who are in current wars won’t be eligible to sign up the league until the war reaches to its end. Once the player has successfully signed up for the War Leagues, they are thrown in the League to win rewards. The clans for the first time sign up will be placed in a league based on the strength of 15 players. Clans can be thrown as high as Master League, depending on their skill levels.

Those players who don’t apply for the War Leagues can still play their regular matches and civil war during the War League Competition. They only can join another roster of the clan so as long as that clan hasn’t yet signed up. To participate in War Leagues, player needs to leave their clan and join the clan on conventional wars. At a time, players can only be a part of one Clan’s War League Roster. Once they have successfully signed up for the roaster of a specific clan, their War League participation is only fixed to that Clan.

Preparation and Battle Day

Selected clans fight against each other in the form of a team on each day of War Week. Whenever a conflict goes into Battle Day, preparation day starts for the following war day. In the Clan Leagues, each preparation day comes with an opportunity for leaders to complete the line-up for the upcoming vicious war. They opt the line-up of players chosen for the Clan War Leagues during the sign-up period or session. On the Battle Day, players are capable of attacking where they can use to gather as many War Stars as they can. Attackers in the tournament will also gain Dark Exilir, Gold, and Exilir for the attacks like Regular Clan Wars. The rewards of War Stars become double if the clans win the war that will help them get promoted from their league.

The War Leagues

War league battle
In the War League, each group comprises eight clans, and each War League lasts for eight days. During the match, each clan will partake in seven different wars pit clans against each other. In the start, once the team has formed, preparation day for the first conflict will start, and during each preparation day, players need to do two things:

  • To enter the war, the player needs to choose fifteen members from the roaster.
  • Like a Regular War, competitors can share Defensive Clan Castle Troops.

With the end of preparation day, the battle day will start for a conflict. Simultaneously, a new preparation day for the upcoming war starts, until all seven preparation days have passed. Here is a schedule for the upcoming War Leagues:

  • Day 1: Preparation Day for the first fight
  • Day 2: Preparation Day for the second fight and the battle day for the first war
  • Day 3: Preparation Day for the third fight and the battle day for the second war
  • Day 4: Preparation Day for the fourth fight and the battle day for the third war
  • Day 5: Preparation Day for the fifth fight and the battle day for the fourth war
  • Day 6: Preparation Day for the sixth fight and the battle day for the fifth war
  • Day 7: Preparation Day for the seventh fight and the battle day for the sixth war
  • Day 8: an only battle day for the seventh fight

Players receive only one attack during each battle day. Clans can earn war loot and experience points in the same method as they do in the Clan War. While playing, players can gather war loot they have won even if they leave the Clan before the battle concludes.

Season Information

Clans will compete against each other to obtain the most stars, as that is the first step for ranking in the Clan Leagues. For winning a war, the player will receive 10 stars. During the league, anyone can discover the standings of any clan in League under “Group” or scores in “Rounds”. By hitting the clan tab, players can view the statistics of how each member of the team performed so far in the league, taking down the number of stars gathered by each member. Therefore, players manipulate between seven wars between seven buttons using the friendly War League Interface and each number corresponding to the respective wars fought.

Three different types of symbols may appear on the top of each number as:

  • A Shield with a Sword.
  • A Colored Tick appears for each conquered war.
  • A Shield with a Gear, if the number has no specific symbol above it.


Clash of Clans is a superb game letting players compete against each other for rewards, bonuses, and money in form of items. So, in the completion, each clan will either remain in their own league, get promoted to the next higher league, or get demoted to the previous league at the end of the War League. This process is based on the performance of the clan relative to other in their league. All clans are ranked by the number of their stars they won during the competition. If several clans have the same number of stars, then a tiebreaker would appear to total destruction happen throughout the League. The clans with the highest stars will promote to next league with best powers, while the clan with low stars will demote to the previous one. The table illustrates how clans are demoted and promoted from each league.

War LeagueClans PromotedClans Demoted
Bronze III30
Bronze I and Bronze II32
Champion II and Silver III22
Champion I02

Each player receives League Medals, depending on how they do in the League compared to other players. Every participant can make a specific number of medals for every star gathered. Additionally, a bonus is rewarded to everyone in the roster for each war and more. At the end of the league, the commander of the clan can select to award bonuses of League Medals to other players in the roster as desire and the leader will have a base number of bonuses.

League Medals

The game will reward the player with 50 Medals as the player complete the Clan War League Tutorials. After the tutorial, League Medals are acquired through several methods such as:

  • By conquering battle against a Clan
  • By scoring star against players.

You can spend your gathered League Medals in a special section of Home Village. They can be used to purchase resources, magic items, and decorations. Initially, players have only 2,500 League Medals. If the player makes more, the excess will be turned into Gems. In the game, one gem is equal to 10 medals. For example, to unlock a bundle of gold of 2.5 million, the player requires 25 League Medals.

Clan War League and Promotion Rules

Clan War Leagues are a newly introduced competitive system revolves around a week in a month where Clans will fight against each other to prove they are the best across the world. They struggle to climb eighteen leagues and reap fantastic new exclusive rewards. The game offers seasonal-based league structure where players battle seven other clans in their league to make their space in the higher league.

Skill and performance are key elements of the game and will determine your success. Eighteen different leagues are focused on the performance of your clans. The battle revolves around 15v15 wars format but you can invite up to fifty players to be a part of your team and can rotate players during each day of the week. Besides, the game features a new currency, League Medals.

League Medals and Resources can earn by competing against other Clans in Clan War leagues. Players use rewards in a new League Shop to buy spectacular decorations and the newly offered Hammer Magic items. Depending on the performance of your clan in a League Wars, Clan Leaders can grand further bonus League Medals to their Members at the league’s end.

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