Clash of Clans Wall Rings Upgrade with Trader

Clash of Clans Wall Rings – Everything you need to know

Clash of Clans Wall Rings Upgrade with Trader

“Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack.”

Picture your base without any walls, think how easy it would be to defeat it than your current base with walls.

Walls matter a lot, the stronger they are, the powerful your defense would be, and Wall Rings can help you upgrade them.

But what are Wall Rings?

Wall Rings serve as one of the newest magic items that players can get or win from clan games in Clash of Clans.

The Wall Ring enables the player to upgrade walls in the home village or builder base instantly.

Also, a Wall Rings can only upgrade a single block of a wall so strategic development of bases with them becomes extremely important .

Players can use them in place of Gold or Elixir to do an upgrade without using any resources.

They can upgrade an entire five-piece segment immediately using Wall Ring in the Builder Base.

While playing the game, you can hold up to 25 wall rings at once. Higher level walls will take several rings to upgrade.
However, you still require a free builder to perform upgrades with the Wall Rings.
But the prominent question is whether they are worth their cost from a trader?

Different walls in Clash of Clans

Purchasing Wall Rings from Trader

When traders offer Wall Rings, it costs the player four-hundred gems to purchase two of them, or they can purchase five Wall Rings for 900 gems.

It will equal to 200 gems each for the first offer and up to 180 gems each for the 2nd offer.

You can compare the average of two costs to say each wall ring usually costs 190 gems to purchase from the trader.

If you’re a die-hard fan of Clash of Clans and known about Wall Rings, then there are lots of chances that you know, each wall ring doesn’t upgrade a wall itself.

For higher level walls, you will require several walls rings to enhance.

Here’s you can find out the number of wall rings you need for each level wall, in the builder base and home village.

The gems required to get Wall Rings can also be collected in large amount by using Clash of Clans Gems Hack.

Wall Rings Required to Upgrade Walls

Wall Rings Required to build walls

Home Village Walls
LevelWall Rings Required
11 4
 Builder Base Wall
LevelWall Rings Required

So, once you successfully reach to level nine or level 6, the number of wall rings begin to shoot up. Level eight in builder base cost you an eight wall rings to upgrade.

To explore if the wall rings are worth it, we need to look at the cost of purchasing the gold with gems to enhance the wall, as opposed to buying the wall rings using the gems to upgrade the wall.

The chart is available that will inform you how many gems are required to perform such actions.

Gems Required to Upgrade Walls

 Home Village Walls
LevelGems Required
 Builder Base Wall
LevelGems Required

All these deals look awesome, but what do they exactly mean?

As I told you that we would consider each wall ring is equal to 190 gems. Now, let’s explore if it is more costly to purchase the wall rings or golds for each wall upgrade.

Gems Vs Wall Rings for Wall Upgrade

Builder Base
LevelGems for Wall RingGems for GoldSaving per Ring
Home Village
LevelGems for Wall RingGems for GoldSaving per Ring

So it is confirmed that wall rings are helpful to save you lots of Gems in Clash of Clans. Now, you must be wondering which level walls are best to upgrade using wall rings.

The best walls to use the Ring Walls (to save gems) are Level 12, Level 5, and Level 6 walls.

No matter, what wall you use wall rings would save a massive amount of gems if you were to purchase it using gold instead.

You can also try Clash of lights S4 private server to gather resources required to build walls.

Use of Wall Rings in Builder Base

Upgraded Walls
Wall Rings are more efficient to use for Walls upgrade from Level 4 to 5.

It is only capable of Builder Base, and the idea of not using the Wall Rings in Home Village is due to the loot is countless there, while in Builder Base loot is limited to three daily loot bonus.

According to the table, you can upgrade your walls from level 1 to four using your loot, and then use your wall rings for wall upgrade to level 5.

Save Gems and build Village with them

There are several things that you should know before starting the game if you’re new to Clash of Clans. The first of which I suggest you is that never waste your gems as they’re really expansive and hard to collect.
Save and use them wisely to advance through the game. Actually, if you want to play the game without having to pay, then you should save the gems you earn by leveling up and dominating bases for more items.
Recently, the game introduces a new element under the name Wall Rings, which enables you to upgrade your buildings and do whatever you want, instead of using Gold.
Wall Rings will help you in saving of gems against gold, and you can quickly grow your empire further and further by upgrading.

How to get more Wall Rings?

There is only a way to advance in the game by getting more resources and upgrading the buildings, including Hall Town.

You can obtain resources, including Wall Rings, Exlixir, and Gold, in several ways such as you can get them from the trader, you can raid the camps of other players with your troops and struggle to earn resources and trophies by conquering them.

The premise of the game is Strategy and is also the key to success.

Teamwork, best plan, and resources are essential to advance through the game, without all these things you are helpless.

Raiding in Clash of Clans for Wall Rings

It may be take bit more time to find the desirable bases to attack for resources and other items.

In this case, you need to maintain your trophies and league so you can obtain a better choice and if you have a shallow level, then you’ll have to persist.

While playing the game, you can join an active clan to create some resources. However partaking can be a bit expensive, especially if you lose.

When the war is ending, both winners and losers receive a war resource bonus in the form of gold, wall rings, and other types, but of course, the winning team takes home the bulk of riches.

Walk Before You Run

As the play progresses, it becomes hard to level up your Town Hall to receive the sought after troops more speedily.

Most players commit mistakes that costs them in the long run, as the Town Hall levels up, the less loot you receive from, the lower bases.

The items get more expansive as the game progresses — means you need to make more effort to gather enough elixir, gold, etc. from raiding.

In an update, the price of the wall ring has been reduced from two-hundred gems to one-hundred gems per ring, and the number of wall rings is needed for each Wall upgrade.

The trader will also offer an increased number of wall rings.

Using the Wall Rings, you can punch a wall piece to upgrade the buildings instantly, though the higher level walls might need several rings to upgrade. You can receive a single Wall Ring in the cost of 100 gems.

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