Clash of Clans Tornado Trap – Explained with Tricks

Clash of Clans Tornado Trap – Explained with Tricks

Clash of Clans Tornado Trap“A Trap is always a surprise, but if you use them wisely, they can be a deadly blow.”

Traps are structures that remain hidden until they are activated by the attacking troop moving into their trigger radius. It’s easier to keep out unwanted visitors with Traps; they require little to no intervention once set up.

While playing Clash of Clans, players can use traps near the Town Hall to fend off enemies. Traps work as a defense surrounding the house which will stop unwanted visitors for a specific time. There are a total of 7 traps in Clash of Clans which includes a newly introduced trap called Tornado Trap, which comes in the October update.

Different Traps in Clash of Clans
Here is the list of Clash of Clans’ Traps

  • Bomb – The weakest of all the traps, bombs explode causing marginal damage to the enemy.
  • Spring Trap –  Bounces troops off the battlefield, effectively causing instant death.
  • Giant Bomb – It is a much more powerful version of the Bomb.
  • Air Bomb –  An airborne version of the conventional bomb.
  • Seeking Air Mine – A single-target trap that can have devastating damage to enemy troops.
  • Skeleton Trap – Coffins rise from the ground, and many Skeletons appear in the area to fight against intruders.
  • Tornado Trap – When triggered, it sucks in attacking troops for a few seconds depending on the level.

What is Tornado Trap and how does it work?

There are several stones and traps available in the game that can break some enemies’ bones, but Tornado Trap will definitely confuse you as well as other players. Featured in the recent update, Tornado Trap is a brand new defense to Clash of Clans. It is a type of defense which creates a funnel to draw all enemies within its radius causing them to spin around the tornado for a set amount of time. The trap also produces a small amount of damage to weaker troops, but the primary purpose of Tornado Trap is to stall them, slowing down their attack and offering extra time to the defenses. The trap will affect everything available in the environment where the trap is placed, including heroes and Siege Machines.

Tornado Trap pulling troops inside
The access to Tornado Trap is unlocked at the Town Hall Level 11, where the player uses the trap of level one with limited time and small power. But as the player advances through the game and makes more points, he will be able to increase the level of the trap to 2, which unlocks more time, power, and capacity. You can upgrade the trap to level 3 with the max duration effect which remains for 10 seconds.

Miner is the only troop that is unaffected by the Tornado Trap, irrespective of being above or the underground the environment.

Tornado Trap Features

  • Trigger Radius: 3 Tiles
  • Damage Type: Splash
  • DPS: 8
  • Area of Effect: 2 Tiles
  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Targets: Ground and Air

Spin Effect Calculation

The troop housing space determines the speed of the spin, while the effect is calculated on a number scaled of 1 to 5 by dividing the capacity of troops housing by min 3 or max 5. The number in the game once divided is also rounded up, such as Minion (1), Balloon (2), Witch (4), and Golem (5). The heroes are classed as 5, but Siege Machines are class as 1.

As a strategy, it entirely depends on what players are trying to defend. Some players find it very useful and effective against Electro Dragons because it sucks them out of range of defenses. So, Electro Dragns have to keep retargeting, because of their slow speed, pausing to make the trap effective against them. While playing, it is a good idea to have them around defenses such as Multi Inferno, Giga Tesla, or Wizard Tower, if trying to defend LavaLoon.

Tornado Traps Levels

LevelDurationTotal DamageCostRe-Arm CostBuild TimeExperience GainedTown Hall Level Required
16 Seconds473,000,0002,000N/A011
28 Seconds624,000,0003,0002 Days41511
310 Seconds785,000,0004,0003 Days50912

The Tornado Trap also deals with a small amount of damage to all units within range. The trap deals with more danger as it lasts longer at high levels.

Upgrade Differences

The trap maybe changes at level 2 upon upgrading. When initially built, the appearance of the Tornado Trap as a metallic spiral tube that coated by a hatch on the ground. At level 2, the Tornado Trap will gain a massive darker metal piece at the tube’s end. The trap is originated from the popular mobile strategy game Clash Royale. And like the temporary traps, including Shrink Trap and Freeze Trap, the Tornado Trap takes the form of a spell which is placed in the trap door. Like Clash Royale, players can’t set Tornado Spell in a flash.

Defensive Strategy with Tornado Trap

In term of strategy, you can use the Tornado Trap to pull in ranged units and destroy them within range. They probably still able to attack while stuck in the trap, you can take advantage of this situation by placing the high-DPS building to smash them instantly. While facing enemies, you can also put other traps near the Tornado Trap to trigger them on teamed up foes. To be able to get the most out of traps you should know when and where to place them which is very well explained here.

Offensive Strategy

In this term, Miner is invincible and can’t be stuck by this trap, even when they are above the ground. This option makes them viable for taking the stand against a Tornado Trap.

Difference between Spring Trap and Tornado Trap

Spring Trap will toss unwanted enemies or visitors of your village, while the Tornado Trap will be able to suck all types of enemies except Miner. The Tornado Traps can be upgraded to three levels while the Spring Trap has five levels of upgrades. The first level of Spring Trap will become available at Town Hall Level 1 with the cost of 2,000 coins, while the 2nd level will be unlocked with the cast of 500,000 coins at the Town Hall Level 7, remains for 16h. As the level increases the number of coins and the time will be increased. If you talk about the radius, then the radius of Tornado Trap starts from 1.5 tiles from a level 1, while the area range of Spring Trap is just 0.7 tiles, starting from level 1. Tornado Trap is plays a vital role in defensive strategies while battling against waves of enemies. The main problem is that when to and where to place it. The small unit of enemies will instantly finish upon coming in contact of this trap while the powerful enemies may survive this trap and can reach to you.

Cheat Codes for Tornado Trap

If you’re looking for cheat codes of Tornado Trap, then the most important info is that you won’t find any cheat codes for generating gems, getting access to locked items, or even can’t increase the time of traps, as well as effect.

The recently introduced Tornado Trap will only be unlocked upon reaching the Town Hall Level 11, where the first time you will be able to use this trap which will fend off a small enemy by creating a tornado that will round the enemy and suck his life bar. The powerful enemies can’t stop using the basic tornado trap which will remain only for 8 seconds. The only way to get unlimited power traps is to use FHX COC private server wherein you get access to the Level 3 Tornado Trap.

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