Clash of Clans MOD APK –  Unlimited Everything (June 2019)

Clash of Clans MOD APK – Unlimited Everything (June 2019)

Clash of Clans mod apk
Clash of Clans mods have been becoming increasingly popular with time and a major community of players has embraced this change.

The reason players are now opting for the modified version of Clash of Clans is that it provides them with access to unlimited resources without having to spend a single penny 💰. Players can try out new attack strategies and test new features without worrying about gems and gold.

We all know that a mod is a hacked version of the original game, and is designed to excite the audience by uplifting the limits imposed by the original developers. Unlocking the true potential of the game for free.

Clash of Clans was rolled out on app marketplaces on August 2, 2012, and since then, a lot of mods have been released for the game. If you are wondering how is it possible to modify a server-side game, you are hitting the right spot. It is practically impossible to adjust in-game resources for such games to favor players. However, COC mod apk works on a private server which means it has no ties with the Supercell’s servers. A COC mod works by connecting to the DNS address of private servers like Clash of Magic and Clash of Lights. These servers allow modded CoC applications to connect with other players from around the globe.

unlimited gems and gold in with CoC mod TH12

The developers of these servers get to decide what feature set a particular mod will get. Mods of lights server, for example, get unlimited gems and troops while that of magic server get unlimited everything. The best feature of these apps is that no root privileges are required for installation. On top of that their update frequency is similar to the original Clash of Clans app.

Now that you know the significance of COC mod APK, following is a link to download the latest as well as previous versions of the game.

Download MOD APK

Clash of Clans Private server logo

Version10.322-40 (New Server)
Size109.5 MB
RequirementAndroid v4.4 and up

Significance of Gems in Clash of Clans

Free gems mod to upgrade troops quickly

One of the primary currencies in Clash of Clans is gems. Though not used in daily consumption, it still holds very high importance in the game. It is due to its ability to reduce the time required for upgrades, and boost operations. Gems can also be traded for Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir.

Gems can be collected by removing obstacles from the base, completing achievements for your profile and by downloading Clash of Clans gems hack. Once all of them are exhausted, they can be bought from the treasure menu in the shop. It is suggested not to use gems for something that can simply be waited for, like an upgrade or a last-minute war attack when gems are low. However, with COC mod APK, you will be rewarded with unlimited gems which you can use anywhere and everywhere you like.

Features of Clash of Clans Mod APK

There is an extensive range of features provided by Clash of Clans mod APK. Some are of major importance, while some are trivial. However, there is a long list of useful features that you can use to your taste. Here are some of the most important features of this mod:

  • Unlimited Everything: The mod gives you access to everything in the game which includes unlimited gold, gems, elixirs, and dark elixirs. You name it, the mod gives it. There are more details on individual resources in the next few points.
  • Unlimited Gems: We discussed it before, COC mod gives you access to unlimited gems. Gems can be utilized for a bunch of things, like buying builder huts, instant upgrade of structures and heroes, boost to mines, spell factories and barracks. The unconventional use of gems also involves buying decorative items for your bases like P.E.K.K.A statues, national flags, torches and much more.
  • Unlimited Elixir and Dark Elixir: The primary use of elixir and dark elixir is to train troops and dark troops respectively. To try different combinations of the army, you need to source an ample amount of elixir and dark elixir and if the attacks are unsuccessful, all your resources will go in vain. Worry no more as the COC mod APK will fund unlimited elixir and dark elixir for you.
  • Unlimited Troops: This shouldn’t be confused with housing an uncountable variety of troops. This feature gives you an ability to carry an unlimited number of troops to an attack. Good for testing the potential and fighting capability of different troops, it will also help you to crush enemy bases with 100% surety.
  • TH12: The town hall 12 was introduced recently which powers its own defense mechanism along with the base’s other defense buildings. Believed to be one of the most revolutionary concepts of Clash of Clans, it had to be on the COC mod as well. The latest version of COC mod was released in close proximity with the original COC. The latest version of the mod featured TH12 as well as all the other newly added features.
  • Antiban: The COC mod works on a private server which makes it impossible for the Supercell developers to get any information about the modifications done. Thus, making it impossible to impose a ban on the user using the mod.

Some of the other prominent features of the game are command chats, maxed out heroes and upgraded Super Pekka, Electro Dragon, Workshop, Battle Blimp, and Wall Wrecker.

Clash of Clans mod for iOS

You can install the Clash of Clans mod for iOS without Jailbreak. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do the same:

Step 1) Download the IPA file for Clash of Clans mod version and Cydia Impactor.
Step 2) Launch Cydia Impactor. Before that, make sure you have connected your iOS device to the computer.
Step 3) Drag and drop the IPA file into the Cydia Impactor.
Step 4) Once the app is installed, go to the settings section and tap on the trust button to tell your device that you trust the app you have just installed.
Step 5) Launch Clash of Clans mod and enjoy playing.


Clash of Clans Mod APK is a great way to test out new attack and defense combinations. However, this mod shouldn’t be used for any unwanted or commercial purposes. We do not hold any responsibility if the user is found guilty. We intend to share the mod for educational purposes which should be kept that way. Clash of Clans is an interesting game and can be played among different age groups. The game not only helps you to improve your strategy making skills, but it also helps you to connect with users over the world. So, invite your friend to a duel or go challenge a random enemy.

Clash of Clans MOD APK – Unlimited Everything (June 2019)
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