Clash of Clans Magic Items

Clash of Clans Magic Items

Clash of Clans Magic ItemsAs you know, Clash of Clans is a Mobile Strategy video game where you aim is to build shelters, recruit armies, gather resources, and battle against the rival player for points, rewards, and items. So, to complete objectives you need some special power-ups, boosters, and objects, Magic Items are one of them which can help you to boost productions, upgrade troops, enhance spells and heroes or fill your resources instantly.

In Clash of Clans, different types of magical items are available, and each has its unique appearance, purpose, abilities, and use. All magic items are split into several categories, including rings, books, potions, and runes. Some of them are very active to work for your builder base. The brilliant thing is that if you’ve found a magic item somewhere or unlocked it and you don’t need it, then you have a choice to cash the Magic items for gems.

There are four ways to achieve magic items:

  1. You can get magic items by completing objectives in individual events.
  2. In Clan Games, you have an opportunity to achieve certain reward tiers in the form of magic items.
  3. Also, by purchasing them through the Trader.
  4. Magical items are also available in-game shop.

While playing the game, you can get access to relevant magic items for use in Clan Wars to take down enemies. Upon getting magic items, you can add them in your inventory and can use when needed. Through the Clan Castle, you can access your inventory, though some magic items can’t be used from your inventory screen. The best part about magical items is that attackers can’t steal them.
Clash of Clans Magic items list
In the beginning, you’ve twenty different magic items available in your inventory. Five of these are books, five are runes, five are potions, four are hammers, and the last one is a ring. While playing the game, you can use books to complete upgrades instantly, and portions can be used for different temporary effects. You can hold only a single book at a time, while you are capable of carrying five potions at a time. However, magic items won from events don’t count towards the limit. There are always magical items available inside your inventory of Clan Castle.

How to Use Magic Items?

Books, Potions, Runes, and Hammers, they all have a specific purpose in the game, and their use also varies according to situations. While books create permanent effects on buildings and troops, Potions create that effect for a short period. Runes are used to fill an unlimited number of resources like Gold and Gems in players village. Hammers are somewhat like books, but they instantly start and complete an upgrade involving troops, buildings, and spells.

If you have a book, which is a Magic Item available in your inventory and in the Clash of Magic private server and you want to use it, then you will discover it directly upon selecting an upgrade. For example, if you’re going to upgrade a building and can’t wait for the build time to complete, then you need to click on it which will show you a pop up containing several options, the book is also one of them. So, this will skip the remaining time, and you can use the aspect instantly instead of paying gems or awaiting the upgrade to complete. To do so, you must require the corresponding book, if you want to reduce the time of upgrades, hero and troop upgrade, or building upgrade. You can start using them right away by selecting from your treasury, and once you use it, you possess special active powers for the time the potion offers.

How to Get Magical Items?

In this section, you’ll discover how to get magical items. So, the easy way to get magical items is by unlocking them in the form of reward tiers from Clan Games. If you don’t like this one then there are three more ways available, let’s explore them.

To get magic items, you can complete a variety of objectives in individual events and receive items which you can include in your inventory. The third way is a bit costly and may make you confused, which is that to purchase them from the Trader or the shop using the gems that you have gathered after doing lots of hard work. Currently, the simple and cheap way to get magic items in CoC is to win them through Clan Games the higher tier of Clan Games you successfully unlock, the better your magic items will be. Potions are on the lowest tier, while the books can be unlocked through the higher tiers. Meaning, you are required to have a massively active clan if you want to use the best magic items.

Types of Magical Items

Currently, there are up to twenty-two magical items available and these magical items are split into five categories such as:

1. Runes – Fills Resource Storage

Clash of Clan Magic Runes
Rune is a type of Magical Item that players use to fill their resource storage. While playing the game, players can hold one of each rune at a time. And, of course, this is less powerful than Potion. There are five different types of Runes which are the following:

Type of RunesDescription
Rune of GoldIt provides you with a countless source of gold and enables you to fill your gold storage to advance through the game and level up your home village. Run of Gold can be used to activate in the Home Village and it automatically fills the gold of the player in the selected place. You can purchase this magic item with the cost of 1,500 gems from a Trader.
Rune of ElixirUnlike Rune of Gold, it comes with a limitless stream of Elixir and this magical item lets you full of your Village Home with Elixir. You can purchase this item from the trader using 1,500 gems.
Rune of Dark ElixirAnother endless stream of Dark Elixir, which the player uses to fill his Village home with Dark Elixir and use whenever needed. Using this magic, there’s no need for purchasing Dark Elixir from the Trader. You can purchase this magic item at cost of 3,000 gems.
Rune of Builder GoldIf you’re looking for the unlimited source of free builder gems, then you need to check out this magical item which will let you to completely fill your gold storage in the Builder Base. If you want to purchase this, then you should spend up to 1,500 gems.
Rune of Builder ElixirThere is a massive source of Builder Elixir, and this magical item enables you to fill your Elixir Storage in the Builder Base. The game rewards you with limited runes at the start of the game after that you have to complete objectives to get them.

2. Books – Completes Upgrades

Clash of Clans Magic Books List
Books are the most powerful type of Magical items and are used to complete the upgrades instantly. You can use this magical item for only one upgrade, but the resources needed to begin the upgrade must be provided. While playing the game, players can hold only one book at a time. Using the book, you can increase your strength and can take down enemies with no time using your powerful armies due to this book. There are five types of books available. Check them out.

Type of BookDescription
Book of FightingThis magical item is full of efficient training programs and players can use this to instantly complete ongoing clan upgrade. Book of Fighting can use in both villages and its functionality enables players to speedily complete troop ongoing upgrade within Star Laboratory and Laboratory. It is eligible for any troop, as well as Siege Machine, but nothing else. The player is also able to purchase this item from the Trader against 925 gems.
Book of BuildingIt is a type of book which lets players to quickly complete any building upgrade within the Base Builder or Home Village. Players can also use it to any buildings, traps, etc. However, it isn’t eligible for hero within Laboratory.
Book of SpellsThis book is specially designed to upgrade spells and only works with the home village. Using this, players are capable of upgrading ongoing spell upgrade within the Laboratory. They can apply this to all types of spell upgrades.
Book of HeroesFull of sound advice and heroic tales, this book is for you to use for upgrading any ongoing hero upgrade instantly. You can use a book for a single hero upgrade in ether village, or its main is used on any four selected heroes.

3. Potions – Boosts power for a short period

Clash of Clans Magic Runes list
Potions are the prominent type of magic items which can be used to increase the speed of several aspects of gameplay for a limited time period. Potions are in contrast to the Books and yield long-term effects. At a time, players can hold up to five portions of the different type. Regardless Potions, there are five different types as following:

  • Power
  • Resource
  • Training
  • Builder
  • Click Tower Potion

4. Hammers – Immediately starts and completes an upgrade

magic hammers
The fourth item in the list of Magic Items which enables players to start and complete an upgrade instantly is Hammers. They work in a similar way to Books, however, they will quickly start the upgrade, unlike books, which can be used only to complete an upgrade. Players can also use the hammer to avoid or skip the storage limits of the player, for example, a hammer is capable of instantly completing an upgrade even if the player has limited resource storage to begin an upgrade. However, this type of magic items can’t be used to complete any upgrades that have already been under construction. Unlike the books, players can also access hammers by purchasing them using League Medals.

Types of Hammers

  • Hammer of Fighting
  • Hammer of Building
  • Hammer of Spells
  • Hammer of Heroes

Miscellaneous Magic Items

These items are unique in type and also in nature. There are two types of Miscellaneous Items:

Wall Ring

It acts as the final and fifth element in Magic items and enables players to instantly upgrade walls in the Builder Base or the Home Village. Players can also use this in place of Elixir or Gold to do an upgrade without using resources. If you’re using this in the Builder Base, then it can upgrade a whole five-piece segment at a time. Higher level walls require several rings to upgrade. However, you need a free builder to perform upgrades with the Wall Rings. While playing the game, you can hold up to twenty-five Wall Rings at a time.

Shovel of Obstacles

It also serves as the Magic Item that enables its users to move or overcome any obstacle to any wished locations in the base. Players are capable of holding up to five Shovels at a time and can purchase this with 500 gems.

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