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Clash of Clans Electro Dragon – Upgrade Cost, Attack Strategies and Special Powers discussed

Electro DragonElectro Dragon, a blue-colored beast, is the 13th and final troop in the game, which is unlocked in the Barracks. Pekka on the ground and Electro Dragon in the air and you have one of the most potent ground and aerial troop on your side.

Possessing a deadly breath of devastating lighting and iron-tough scale, the favorite play for this dragon is to beat down enemies and surrounding buildings within no time.

Electron Dragon has no definite target when spreading devastation; they will directly attack the approaching buildings. However, once the dragon becomes aware of the presence of enemy Clan Castle Troops, Skeleton Trap or Heroes, they will leave their targeted structures and instead attack the enemy troops. Once all the close enemies are destroyed, the Electro Dragons will advance to attack other nearby buildings. Only two troops can drop a spell after death one of which is Electro Dragon and the other one is Ice Golem (drops a Freeze Spell).


Electro Dragon Appearance

It is a blue-colored flying beast, which appears in all levels as a massive dragon with enormous wings. The dragon is armed with a single horn on its head and different light blue spikes on its backs, and an incredible tail comprising flippers. While playing the game, you can hold up to nine Electro Dragons at once and can use them one by one to attack enemies and disrupt them before they destroy you for resources.

The dragon looks nasty with glowing spikes on its back when lit up, tail to head. In the game, it is one of two prominent troops that can’t change their appearance during the level change and upgrade. They remain the same in higher levels as they are in the beginning.

Special Power – Chain Lightning

Electro Dragon Chain Lightening
Chain Lightning is a special type of attack produced by Electro Dragons which enables the dragon to kill up to five targets at a time. The damage generated by this attack decreases for each subsequent target in the chain by a factor of 25%. This attack resembles the lightning jolts created by Mega Tesla in the Builder Base. Two folds can increase the power of these attacks in Clash of Souls private server by using unlimited resources.

When destroyed, the Dragon produces lightning bolts which cause significant damage to the nearby region. These bolt strikes will works in a similar way to the Lightning Spell, to ruin the enemy land. If the destructive breath isn’t enough for you, then Electro Dragon will drop a flurry of lightning strikes for you upon death to max carnage. You can upgrade the electro dragon to enhance the damage that the lightning strikes create. However, Electro Dragon has enough power to inflict damage on different buildings you can also place him with other attack troops, including the Witch and the Bowler.

Electro Dragon Attack Strategy

To advance through the game, you need to step up a force, including 8 Electro Dragons, 5 Rage Spells, 1 Poison Spell, 2 Freeze Spell, and CC Filed with Bowlers.

Timing, strategy, and building a funnel are the most prominent key to work with Electro Dragon. In the game, if you mess with enemies and they are more powerful than you, don’t need to worry if you have Electro Dragons.
Electro Dragon Attack Strategy

From the very outset, you need to create a funnel by placing an Electro Dragon on one side while heroes with Clash of Clans troops on another side of the map. After that, you need to send them all with your Electro Dragons on the battlefield to destroy the core of the enemy base. Besides, you need to place spell at the accurate time, and you’re good to go.

Once an Electro Dragon starts attacking, it doesn’t stop after achieving its first building or loop. The lightning breath of the electro dragon will strike its specific target and clear the path for players to progress. It will destroy everything, whether it is enemy defense or troop. Each arch of attack decreases in damage compared to the last one. Upon receiving fatal injuries, the electro dragon thrusts its absorbed energy as a final attack of lightning bolts to let the rivals know why it has to be feared off.

The range of Electro Dragon’s attack

Electro Dragon can attack at any enemy, building, or structures. It is just waiting for your command to release it’s fierce breath at enemies to burn them and clear the path for you to advance through the game. However, it can attack with a 3.5s speed, which is enough to take down enemies without notifying them. Unfortunately, you can plan your attack on the map with up to three tiles, but three tiles are also enough to change the game.

TargetAttack TypeMovement speedAttack SpeedBarracks Level RequiredRange
AnyChain Lightning 12 3.5 sec133 Tiles

Offensive Strategy

  • The Electro Dragon divides bolts of lightning that come from the target, and thus you can use to take out several buildings at a time.
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  • Electro Dragons act as the flying bowlers as they can destroy several targets at once, and help funnel in an air attack.

Defensive strategies against Electro Dragons

Electro Dragons are the most potent airborne beats with an ability to destroy every approaching object. Your rivals in the game might also have them so a defensive strategy must be devised to protect your village base. Here some tricks that might help.

  1. The attack of the electro dragon is only possible if the opted buildings are available at one tile distance. By taking advantage of this step, you can place your buildings two tiles apart to fend off the Electro Dragon from destroying your village and clans.
  2. The chain lighting enables the dragon to use defense as it slays up to five spread-out figures, either Archers or Wizards. However, releasing lighting bolts will slow its fire rate and makes it vulnerable to  Archer Queens. If you mix the Archer Queen attack and the Poison Spell at the same time, then no one can save the electro dragon, and it is no more capable of attacking at you. Beware from a lighting spell, which drops upon the death of electro dragon and it enough strength to destroy the entire groups of archers and wizards

Defenses for Electro Dragons

Only a few can handle the fury of dragons and bring them to peace. A well-defined placement strategy of the following is likely to help against the Electro Dragons.

  • Single-Target Inferno Towers
  • Air Sweeper
  • The Eagle Artillery

Training Time of Electro Dragons

Number of Level 13 BarracksTraining Time in Mins.

The Electro Dragon will be available at Town Hall 11 with maximum three upgradable levels, with a capability of aiming anything.

Electro Dragon Training and Upgrade Cost

LevelTraining CostTraining TimeUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPSDeath Damage
136000 Elixir24 minsN/AN/A3200240300
240000 Elixir24 mins9000000103700270360
344000 Elixir24 mins11000000144200300360

Electro Dragon gets available for players from Town Hall 12; you can upgrade to Town Hall 12 in no time by using micro apk hack. It unlocks when you upgrade your Barracks to Level 13.  The cost of upgrading an Electro Dragon rises significantly as the level rise and requires a lot of Elixir. Procuring elixir is a tough task in Clash of Clans, and thus a player can resort to hacks that enable them to have unlimited elixir.

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Types of Dragons in Clash of Clans

tyes of dragons in Clash of Clasns
There are three different types of dragons in CoC, Baby Dragon, Electro Dragon, and Dragon. Each dragon has a unique set of skills, abilities, and appearance. You can upgrade any of the dragons for level 7, while the Electro Dragon can be improved for only three times. The other two Dragons will modify themselves upon upgrading while the Electro Dragon will remain the same. The dragon is a fearsome flying beat capable of attacking both air and ground units. Like Wizards, the attacks of the dragon are ranged and deal splash damage. When comparing the two dragons, the dragon is only able to produce small-ranged damages while Electro Dragon creates long raged lighting chains. The baby dragon is charming but deadly with fire-breathing abilities. Like the dragon, it also turns into a new form to change the color upon every completed level or while upgrading. The baby dragon becomes enraged when there is no one around it, and gain bonus damage and attack speed.


Dragons are one of the most powerful troops in Clash of Clans. Every player wants to have the best of the dragons on their side as they can perform ariel attack with them. There are only very few attack strategies that can stop dragons from destroying the base. Every player wants them to be upgraded to max level so that they can perform the Dragloon (Dragons & Balloons) attack. As soon as one gets enough gems and elixir, one should upgrade the dragons and take them for an attack.

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