Clash of Clans Book of Heroes

Clash of Clans Book of Heroes

Clash of Clans Book of HeroesEveryone knows that Clash of Clans is a challenging game to play.

But if you know how to use its magical items to upgrade buildings and traps to capture enemies you can do wonders.

The developers continuously roll out updates for this game that comes with improvements to things like the traps, magic items, clans, heroes, and more.

These are potent items that everyone can use to boost their progress and proliferate in the game. In this article, you will find everything about one such particular magic item, the Book of Heroes. In addition to what Book of Heroes is you will get to know how to get it, how to use it effectively, how to purchase it, and finally how to hack it to get the most out of it.

What is a Book in Clash of Clans?

Magic Books with Book of heroes
In Clash of Clans, Books are a kind of magical Item that grants you special abilities which you can use to complete the upgrades within no time.

So, players who feel annoyed waiting for the upgrades to complete can use books for an instant result which is equivalent to using Miro Clash APK for reducing build time. In simple, they can upgrade their structures and armies without having to wait for the stipulated period to finish.

There are five different types of book and players can use each one to complete one and only one upgrade. Players who have any book can upgrade just one building. However, resources needed to begin the upgrade must be supplied consequently. While playing the game, players can hold only one book at a time.

The five types of books are:

  • Book of Heroes
  • Book of Fighting
  • Book of Building
  • Book of Spells
  • Book of Everything

Probably, you already know that magic items provide an edge over other players and several other benefits to your armies, troops, heroes, and spells. Some of them will be rarely useful to boost production, while some other books will speedily complete an upgrade in advance. If you have any kind of book you don’t require, then you have also an option to cash out in for gems in that Book.

Know Book of Heroes

Book of Heroes is one of the five types of Books and has a unique ability and use. If you don’t want to play in any CoC private server but still want features that help you build your base then Book of Heroes is the best legal way to do that.

Book of Heroes can be used to upgrade a single Hero in Clash of Clans immediately. It can be used in both of the villages and on all the four Heroes.

Book of heroes is also capable of solving the long-lasting issue of upgrading your epic heroes because heroes are an essential part of your troops and you can’t imagine your army without them. So, it’s easy to improve your armies instantly using the Book of Heroes. However, Book of Heroes is in the 5th tier of awards.

How to get Book of Heroes

how to get book of heroes


After knowing all of its benefits, you’re definitely excited to know that how you can get Book of Heroes.

Let’s explore it.

Before starting you need to know that there is only one way to get the Magic Items that is through the Clan Games. Means, by clan games you can easily earn the magical rewards that you will receive after completing the objectives and can choose your rewards from the Tier you crossed. Then, all prizes will be shifted to the clan castle. Besides, magic items will be saved or stored in magic items holder. As well as, you can also sell your gathered magic items if you don’t need them, against gems. So, trading the book will give you over 100 gems that you can use to purchase something else.

Complete Challenges for Book of Heroes

You can also earn Book of Heroes by completing some specific challenges. In the game, problems mean to test your strength and strategic skills in different fields. Completing a challenge within allocated time awards you with Book of Heroes. Problems may be of varied difficulties. You can request your friend for help if you find one of the challenges too tricky. Each Clan Game will reward the player with a limited number of points for the clan. When they’ve achieved the max number of points that are allowed, then they can’t take on any more challenges. Each challenge in Clan Games has up to four different types such as Regular Setting, Small Setting, Intense Setting, and Epic Setting.

Book of Heroes value in Gems

book of heroes value in gems

In this section, you will know the assigning value for Book of Heroes. Probably, you know that the cost of the gem depends on the remaining time. The more remaining time will use fewer gems compared to less time which uses more gems. For example, seven days (1000 gems) and 14 days (1850 gems), double time consume half the gems. Players can also purchase Book of Heroes from a trader at the cost of 500 gems, to save seven days or up to 100 gems.

Book of Heroes Cost

The actual cost of the Book of Heroes is 500 gems from an in-game shop. The max time needed to upgrade heroes is seven days. However, it usually takes 1000 gems to finish the upgrade. Barbarian King and Archer Queen values after use of Book of Heroes, till level 10 are following:

LevelTime (Hrs.)Value
212135/500 = 0.27x
324259/500 = 0.52x
436321/500 = 0.644x
548382/500 = 0.765x
660444/500 = 0.89x
772506/500 = 1.014x
884629/500 = 1.136x
996691/500 = 1.26x
10108752/500 = 1.384x

If you do not have enough gems and don’t want to go through the painful process of collecting them then you must try CoC gems hack. Gems hack allows you to legally get unlimited gems in the game.

How and when to use the Book of Heroes?

Finish upgrade with Book of Heroes

The players of Town Hall 7 must avoid using the Book of Heroes until upgrading to level 4 and the Town Hall 8 players need to go for getting it from Clan Games but refrain from buying it from the clash.

The players with Town Hall 9 can use their gems to purchase Book of Heroes from the shop 2, only purchase it after upgrading to TH10. So, now having lots of information about the Book of Heroes you’re competent enough of taking down opponents without alerting them. You can polish your strategic skills by playing the game as well as participating in Clash Games which will award you points and from that points, you can purchase magic items which will assist you in completing upgrades in no time. You can also use other books for a different purpose, but this book is only for use to upgrade heroes instantly.

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