Clash of Clans Book of Fighting

Clash of Clans Book of Fighting – Upgrade Troops Instantly

Clash of Clans Book of Fighting

“Clan Wars are very unforgiving, and it is even more unforgiving on troops that are not, trained, equipped, upgraded and well-led.”

The number of gems and gold you have should not restrict your troop’s upgradability. Because insufficiently prepared forces would lead to a “hollow Army.”

And that is why you should make use of the best Magic Items which can boost your Clan troops. One such item that will significantly raise your troop’s power is Book of Fighting.

Book of Fighting is a type of Magic Items under “Books” which lets you immediately accomplish any ongoing troop upgrade. These upgrades are only made possible within the Star Laboratory and Laboratory. This book can be used on any troops or Siege Machines, but nothing more. You can purchase this book from a Supercell Shop 2.0 with 925 gems and even can sell for 50 gems.

How to get the Book of Fighting?

How to get book of fighting

In this section, we will explore how to get BoF in several ways. The main question is why you need this book? So, before telling the means to get it, I will tell you this book is required for instant, ongoing troop upgrades. Currently, there are four different ways to obtain Book of Fighting such as:

  • You can get Book of Fighting by receiving specific reward tier in Clan Games.
  • By completing challenging objectives in specific events, you can earn Book of Fighting.
  • You can also purchase them through the Trader.
  • Supercell Shop is the last way to obtain Book of Fighting using the gems or real money.

Get Book of Fighting in Clan Games

The easiest and the only way to get the Book of Fighting, as well as other magical items is through the Clan Games. These games are about accomplishing severe challenges and making points by forming groups. Clan Games is a type of competitive event that was first introduced in an update of December 2017. In these games, players will receive in-game tasks and challenges for a clan to complete. Players of Town Hall 6 or above are capable of playing Clan Games. The members below the certain rank need to work hard to reach the peak to complete the requirements for these games.

Clan Games will appear whenever the Strongmen’s Caravan takes place at your village and interact with them. After the interaction, it will display challenges available to the Clan to complete. So, these visible challenges provide the players with a set of objectives to complete within a limited time.

What do players need to do in these tasks?

The event offers challenging tasks for players to complete, ranging from commanding certain troops to destroying certain buildings. However, these assigned tasks can involve either Builder Base or Home Village. The notable difference is that the Builder Base challenges have a different frame, darker with stars.

Earn Book of Fighting from Challenges

In-game challenges will offer you a chance to test your strength and strategic skills in different areas. Completing assigned challenges within time will reward you with clan points. Challenges may be different in difficulty. You don’t need to worry, if you find some additional books, you can exchange them with gems, and you better know where you use gems in the game to the better edge. For an instant, ongoing troop upgrade, you must go with this book and attack foes from being threatened.


Does the Book of Fighting work on Heroes?

Will Book of Fighting work on heroes

No, Book of Fighting does work on heroes. It can only help you to finish troop upgrade in your lab instantly.

But the debatable point here is that any troop update should include heroes as they are a part of the troops. You can discuss more on this topic with other Clash of Clans enthusiasts at

Book of Everything is the only magic items that can upgrade heroes, troops, buildings, siege machines, etc. So, to upgrade Heroes, you will have to have either Book of Heroes or Book of Everything.

When to Purchase Book of Fighting?

If you’re going to buy the Book of Fighting, then I’ll suggest you purchase it only for specific troops, including Baby Dragon, Pekka, Dragons, and Miner at Town Hall 9 and blow. The players of Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 needs to purchase this Book of Fighting for Archers, Barbs, Wall Breakers, Goblins, Healer, Giants, and Wizard only. TH10 and TH11 have to buy it for Minions and Hog Raiders.

Book of Fighting Cost

book of fighting cost in gems

If you don’t have any book and you’re in Town Hall 6 or above, then you are capable of purchasing this book using the gems. The cost of one Book of Fighting is 925 gems, and you can buy it from the Supercell Shop 2.0. So, the maximum value of this book is 14 days of the upgrade. Tables related to different figures are available below. The complete details about troops level and the remaining time are here, Check them out.

Archers after using Book of Fighting

212 Hrs.134/925 = 0.15x
32 Days382/925 = 0.41x
43 Days506/925 = 0.55x
55 Days752/925 = 0.81x
610 Days1369/925 = 1.48x
714 Days1862/925 = 2.01x

Barbarian after using the Book of Fighting

26 Hrs.71/925 Gems = 0.078x
31 Days259/925 Gems = 0.28x
43 Days506/925 Gems = 0.55x
55 Days752/925 Gems = 0.81x
610 Days1369/925 Gems = 1.48x
714 Days1862/925 Gems = 2.01x

You can upgrade baby dragon for up level 5, and it will take max 14 days. Baby Dragons also comes in the category of troops and will obey your order while you’re fighting against opponents. You need to struggle to earn magic items via completing tasks, objectives, and fighting in Clan Games, and try your best to avoid to purchase so that you don’t waste your gems. In some point when you find yourself near the victory and have no option except using the magic items, then you should go with it and make a purchase using your gems.

Baby Dragon after using Book of Fighting

LevelTime (in days)Value
281122/925 Gems = 1.21x
3101369/925 Gems = 1.48x
4121616/925 Gems = 1.75x
5141862/925 Gems = 2.01x

How to access Book of Fighting?

Finish upgrade with book of fighting

In the game, you have a separate inventory for Magic Items, and you can access these items over there through the Clan Castle though some magic items can’t be used straightly from this inventory screen. The good thing is that now no one can steal your magic items through the attack.

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