Clash of Clans – A Beginners Guide

Clash of Clans – A Beginners Guide

Clash of Clan Guide

Talk about Clash of Clans, and you have to talk about an era that proved to be the catalyst for the rise in online mobile gaming. Earlier, people played mobile games but not religiously. Clash of Clans changed that perception with its release. The game was not very popular at the time of its release in August of 2012 but as soon as it was published on Google’s Play Store by late 2013 its popularity grew a great deal. Since then, Clash of Clans has also seen a spin-off in the form of Clash Royale. The game’s developer Supercell has made a name for itself with these successful games.

What is Clash of Clans about?

Clash of Clans is a freemium mobile-based strategy game developed by Supercell. The game takes you as the chief of a village into a medieval persistent world where your job is to establish your own town. This base must be protected from various raiders (other players) who aim to loot and destroy your town for resources and points. You must do the same to enemy player’s bases using your line of soldiers, magicians, trolls, dragons and earn their resources.

How do you stop opponents from destroying your town?
Well, you have defensive options to deploy at your disposal which include walls, mortars and archer towers. As you progress in the game, you get to unlock better troops and defenses making you invincible against enemy attacks.

But the game is called ‘Clash of Clans’ where is the clash happening?
Once you advance to a certain level you get to join a clan and fight with your clansmen as one against other enemy clans.

How to play Clash of Clans?

Open Clash of Clans for the first time on your device and you will be greeted with a simple tutorial that is designed to show you how to play this game online. As mentioned earlier, the game begins with you as the chief of a village that you have to build from the grounds up using resources like Elixir and gold. Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems are the four different currencies used in the game. Without them, it will be harder for you to advance in the game as they are used to build and restore defenses as well as train troops and spells. These resources are available through special buildings known as elixir collectors and gold mines. These buildings keep adding volume to your resource storages.

Clash of Clans elements and parts

Deep into the game, you come across a new resource called Dark Elixir. Dark Elixir allows you to train immensely strong troops that are capable of obliterating your enemy’s base in seconds. However, with great power comes a great drawback. Dark Elixir is not easily available (you need to make regular raids in order to get your hands on some).

Attacking and destroying other players base will increase your Gold and Elixir collection. It is really essential that you master the art of gathering a considerable number of Gems and everything else required to build your town. Both Elixir and Gold are necessary to train troops and build walls as well as upgrade Town Hall.

Ways to collect Resources for Raider and Pacifist

There are two paths you can take once you have sufficient resources. You can either choose to become a raider and defeat other players to collect extra resources or you can choose the path of a pacifist and work at building a strong base to protect yourself against raiders. If you are successful in shielding your base from attacks, you get elixir and gold as a reward, so you win both ways. You can choose your path depending on your playing style.

It is more likely that you will choose the path of an aggressor and look to make early progress in the game. In order to do that, you will need to train strong troops but first, you will need to build a barracks and army camps to house your troops.

Online players have developed lots of strategies to excel in the game faster. For example, if you are looking to collect resources, you can attack a base that has its gold mines and elixir storages under-protected. Once you destroy the storages, you can flee with a nice stash of elixir and gold while also saving your soldiers from dying unnecessarily.

If you are looking for glory, you can go on an all-out attack and destroy your opponent’s base. As a result of a win, you get trophies as points. The more trophies you have the higher you will move up in the hierarchy of players. The difficulty level always increases as you go higher in the leagues. If you lose a match, you lose trophies and you fall down in the rankings. There are 9 leagues in Clash of Clans of which we are sure you would like to be in the top one.

Clash of Clans Troops

Clash of Clans Troops
The number of troops you can train depends on the level of your army camp. All in all, there are 18 troops you can choose from. You start off from the most basic one, which is a barbarian but as you keep progressing in the game you can employ the services of deadly dragons to do your bidding on the battlefield.

Each troop takes a certain amount of space in the Army Camp which limits the number of troops you can train. In time, as your ranking rises you get to face off against powerful opponents. Fighting against these opponents can become difficult for you if you don’t upgrade your troops. For this, you would have to build a laboratory where you can upgrade your soldiers to make them stronger than before. Furthermore, you get to use special times during your raids to help you excel. Items, such as potions, that are made in the spell factory, can alter the result of any battle if used wisely.

The troops you use to raid can die during the attack. If they die, they cannot come back even if you are able to win the fight, in which case you have to re-train troops to fill your army camps.

What are ‘Clans’ and how to do they go to war?

Clans are associations of players who join together in support, either by donating troops or for giving advice. The clan system works in a way where clan members can help each other out in times of need by sending troops to defend each other’s bases. However, the most exciting feature about being in a clan is having the ability to participate in War Leagues.

Clan War Leagues

clash of clans war league
An exciting feature in Clash of Clans is the Clan War League system. Under this feature, clans can participate in wars with other clans of the same level. Wars take place in a week called the War Week where clans having more than 15 players can participate. Winning a war gives you clan stars as points which decides if you win the war or not. At the end of War Week, if you have a certain number of stars, your clan is promoted to a higher league.

The War is taken seriously in Clash of Clans. Before the actual day of the war, which lasts a whole day, you get to enter the preparation day. Preparation day allows clan leaders to decide their line-up. They can select clan members according to their levels and skills. Once the preparation day ends, the actual war starts.
On the day of the War, each participant has one attack, which they have to use wisely. For as a failed attack may result in their clan losing the entire war.

The biggest advantage of winning a war is the bonuses you get. Even if you are a low-ranked player, you can benefit from the shadow of your clan’s achievements. This way you excel further in the game much faster than you usually would.


The graphics in the Clash of Clans are cartoony but that is what you would expect from a fantasy game which is marketed for ages above 13. The graphics never stopped people from all age groups from enjoying this game. The buildings and characters are decently detailed but since you are playing on a mobile device you cannot see much. However, the game works in such a way that you don’t need to pay heed to its graphics. All in all, it is not like you are playing Minecraft with its pixelated graphics.

How Clash of Clans has done so far?

Clash of Clans is now 6 years old but this game is still extremely popular among the masses. We have seen similar games like Boom Beach from Supercell and Mini Militia but no game has come close to the success of Clash of Clans. The game profited most thanks to its in-game currency model, which let players purchase resources to help speed up production and reduce building time as well as spawning time. When the Clash of Clans craze skyrocketed players, in order to progress through the levels faster, had no option but to buy more resources using real-world currency and converting into in-game currency. Thanks to all that, the revenue collected by Supercell in 2016 amounted to $2.3 billion, out of which a huge chunk came from Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is a real success story. It has thrown Supercell into the big leagues in a matter of years. The company is now valued at more than $10 billion and that too in just six years. Talk about success! All that because the developers kept learning from their mistakes along the way and kept on introducing interesting items and scenarios to keep the game alive.

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