5 Best Attack strategies

5 Best Clash of Clans Attack Strategies – 3 Star Every Base

5 Best Attack strategies

Clash of Clans is one of the top strategic multiplayer games available both for Android and iOS users. This game is all about building and protecting your base and attacking the villages and bases of others to collect Gems, Gold and Elixir. To play the game successfully, the players should know various strategies to use and win the game.

Players in this game have to face many obstacles at almost every stage and overcoming these limitations is not possible they master the strategies of the game. This article will tell you about Clash of Clans strategy that will enable you to take out your enemies quickly. Here one thing to always keep in mind is that attack strategies for Clash of Clans vary from one level to the other. Therefore, it is imperative to learn all the strategies to come out successful in the end. Following are some of the top Clash of Clans strategy:

1. Lavaloonion

lavaloon attack

Lavaloonion is one of the most powerful th9 attack strategies in Clash of Clans. If you want to get 3 Stars on a Maxed out TH9 Base, Lavaloonion is the best strategy you can use. Here, the number of minions and balloons vary to a great extent. But, most of the top players agree to the fact that at least 4 Lava hounds and 12-15 balloons are mandatory for an attack on Town Hall 9. Lavaloonion attack strategy is composed of 16 balloons, 25 minions, 3 lava hounds, 1 healing spell, and 3 rage spells.

Here, the use 3 lava hounds distract defenses meanwhile minion and loons clear up the base. The use of different attack strategy depends on your skill level. Most of the experts recommend using 3 lava hounds only if you are exposed or have a weak defense.

2. Go-Wipe Clan Wars

go - wipe raid

Go-Wipe is perhaps the strongest strategy that outperforms all other attack strategies because of the use of three powerful troops. These troops are Golem, Wizard, and PEKKA. These troops are known for their highest hit points and damage per seconds. Using this Clash of Clans strategy you can easily achieve 2 and 3 stars at both th8 and th9. Here, it is important to keep in mind that there is little difference in Go-Wipe attacks at th8, th9, and th10 levels. However, the attacking principle remains the same at all three levels.

The composition of this strategy shows that there are 6 Wall breakers, 12 Wizards, 4 PEKKAs, 2 Golems, 1 Lightning spell, 2 Rage spells, and 1 Jump spell. The main strength of this strategy is that you get LV3 and LV5 PEKKAs and Wizards.


3. All Air Raid

all air attack

Air raids are said to be the most effective Clash of Clans tactic. This is mainly because air raids are more prominent when your opponent’s air defenses are not properly upgraded. Air attacks are used to achieve 2 and 3 stars at th7 or above. The composition of the strategy shows that there are 20 balloons, 3 dragons, 20 minions, 1 healing spell and 2 rage spells.

However, it is advised to avoid air attacks if your troops are not properly upgraded because the resources at lower levels are usually weak. Most of the top players prefer using both air and ground attacks at the same time because air attacks alone are fun and enjoyment. Air raids increase the pleasure of the game and attract many players to have fun with this game.

4. Gol-Wipe

gol wipe attack

Gol-Wipe is another top strategy being used by many top Clashers to achieve 2 and 3 stars. Like Go-Wipe, Gol-Wipe is also much stronger because of the availability of Golem, Wizard, and PEKKA. These are the top three troops that can revolutionize your gaming experience at th10 level. The composition of this strategy shows that there are 5 wall breakers, 14 wizards, 1 healer, 2 dragons, 2 PEKKAs, 2 golems, 2 healing spells, and 1 rage spell. This Clash of Clans strategy is the most devastating because of unlimited hit points and damage per second. Although this strategy is expensive, yet using it may boost your chances of winning the game.

This strategy can help you climb up trophy leagues very quick. If you are a Town Hall 12 player you can use these base layouts to defend your base.

5. Healer, Balloons with Archers Support

archer healer

Healer and balloons with archer support is one of the top attack strategies for Clash of Clans that depends mainly on balloons and archers. The composition of this strategy includes 52 archers, 5 giants, 8 balloons, 2 healers, and 2 healing spells. The availability of too many archers enables the players to check and defeat the troops. Balloons prove much helpful in clearing the defenses and these balloons can be healed with the help of 2 healing spells. Here, one thing to always keep in mind is that this strategy can prove more effective if your opponent’s air defenses are not upgraded. This strategy can also help you achieve 3-star victories quite easily.

Pro Tip: If your base is regularly raided using these strategies by your opponents then use our base design guidelines to improve your defense and save your precious resources and hard-earned trophies.

These are the major strategies that you should try before breaking the rules and coming up with your strategy.

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