Castle Clash

Get Castle Clash Android Apk{Latest Update}Unlimited Resource & Skins

Are you ready for bigger clash that ever happened?

Yes, I’m taking about castle clash.

A thrilling multiplayer strategic war game that will enable to create your own Kingdome, in castle clash apk you can hire strong and energetic heroes and you can equip them with high technological weapons or even you can use them as your Kingdome guards and place them around the boundary.

Castle Clash

Fight more in the game and become the world’s top castle warlord, this is the game of strategy your survival is only on your way of playing which strategy you use and how you are ordering your army to attack the opponent. If you able to analysis the opponent war strategy then every war in castle clash will be on your feet I mean you will win just open your mind and keep calm.

For castle clash hack and unlimited resources follow me through the article I will show you how you can play this strategic war game more intelligently and smartly and if you have any issue regarding game don’t forget to comment or email.

Castle Clash Features:

You will get lot more feature here just I’m going to point out some main and most important features of the game that you cannot miss.

Castle Clash Apk

  • Build a strong and puzzled Kingdome.
  • You can choose solders from different departments to create your Army.
  • Create your own heroes in custom mode or collect them choice is yours.
  • Ready your favourite solider for Squad Showdown.
  • You can battle with friends around the world.
  • Even you can join fortress feud for Guild on Guild fun.
  • You can play in co-op & PvP modes from your smartphone and personal computer.
  • You can create unlimited army.
  • Even you can cast highly powerful spells.
  • If you want to play Fantasy strategy you can freely play.
  • You can even test your heroes before directly deploying them in battle.
  • You are free to join guild and share fights together against others.

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Castle Clash Download Now:

Click on the download now button to get the latest apk of the castle clash hack for android phone and if you are looking for iOS download please comment down I will send you personally.

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If you face any difficulty while downloading the game please feel free to comment.

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How to play smartly?

In this strategy war game you can build your army from any creature you are not bound to any one and hire them to build village and castles.

Every creature have its own characteristics and power so chose them wisely to build a powerful and strong army and send them to destroy the villages of other online players.

Castle Apk For Android

You can build as many buildings as you want same like creatures but make sure you are building the right thing that will benefits you in your defense and strengthen your village.

For example, an army made up entirely of archers may work pretty well at the beginning of a battle, but as soon as your opponent charges at your position, you will be toast. That’s why it’s so important to find the ideal balance between force, ability, and magic.

Like if most of your army consist of archer’s commandos that will work very well in the start but after some time when your opponent going to attack your army of archers will destroy quickly you will be squeezed out soon.

So to play castle clash smartly you have to think and choose your army wisely.

castle new skin

What’s New in This Version?

  • You can make your heroes strong with new range of mighty hero skins.
  • New skin type Ethereal Princess (for Espirita) & Dark Huntress (for Dove Keeper)
  • You can upgrade your village.
  • You can obtain and arrange weapons for your opponent in the war.
  • For Forgotten Trail (New game mode) 36 stages has been released.
  • You will find new hero in this game Ma Hatma.

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