best decks clash royale updated 2018

Best Decks Clash Royale {January 2019 Updated} From Arena 1 to 11 +Bonus

Are you addicted to the World’s best strategic game clash of royale? Don’t worry I’m addicted too.
That’s why I keep looking for the best strategies and game plane to destroy my enemies, I know you also want to destroy your enemies and looking for some best strategies and best decks clash royale. Today I will share with you best decks for clash royals from arena 1 to 12 this guide is January 2019 updated so you don’t need to worry about old strategies you will also get clash of royale card strategies and clash royale mod apk.

best decks clash royale updated 2018

This blog is regularly updated so you can benefit from our strategies and learn about best decks clash royale.

I know you eagerly want to destroy your enemies and wants to achieve higher in the game but you don’t have strategies and game plan even you don’t know which card to use and how to arrange and manage your deck in the clash of royale. So today I’m up with the best guide about the best clash of royale best deck.

One thing I want to tell you before telling arena 1 to 12 deck arrangement and strategies that this is my own created deck arrangement I have tested with different arrangement and come up with these best arrangements this is a result of hard work and find best decks clash royale for you people so if you found something good and want to add up just comment below your valuable suggestions will be added in this article with named credit.

First, you will get an overview of each deck of clash of royale then I will explain each deck with possible strategies and cards arrangement so fasten your seatbelts and follow me.

Best Decks Clash Royale (From Arena 1 to Arena 12)
  • Arena 1: Giant, Fireball, Archers, Bomber, Goblin Hut, Musketeer, Goblins, Spear Goblins,
  • Arena 2: Giant, Fireball, Archers, Bomber, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, Spear Goblins.
  • Arena 3: Knight, Archers, Bomber, Goblin Hut, Baby Dragon, Spear Goblins, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie.
  • Arena 4: Mini P.E.K.K.A, Fireball, Bomber, Musketeer, Tombstone, Knight, Goblins, Hog Rider.
  • Arena 5: Hog Rider, Royal Giant, Witch, Minions, Fire Spirits, Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Hut.
  • Arena 6: Giant, Balloon, Barbarians, Barbarian Hut, Royal Giant, Tombstone, Fireball, Three Musketeers.
  • Arena 7: Rocket, Elixir Collector, Baby Dragon, Archers, Royal Giant, Fireball, Guards, Mega Minion.
  • Arena 8: Baby Dragon, Barbarian Hut, X-Bow, Tombstone, Tornado, Mega Minion, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Golem.
  • Arena 9: Battle Ram, Miner, Ice Golem, Zap, Goblin Gang, X-Bow, Tombstone, 3M.
  • Arena 10: Mini P.E.K.K.A, Golem, Baby Dragon, Barbarian Hut, Mortar, Tombstone, Tornado, Elixir Collector.
  • Arena 11: Mini P.E.K.K.A, Elixir Collector, Miner, Ice Golem, Zap, Goblin Gang, Horde, Horde.
  • Arena 12: X-Bow, Zap, 3M, Goblin Gang, Hog Rider, Dart Goblin, Spear Goblins, Rocket.
  • Skeleton Barrel, Elite Barbarians, Valkyrie, Mega Minion, Dart Goblin, Baby Dragon, Golem, Sparky.
  • Electro Wizard, Ice Wizard, Inferno Dragon, Cannon Cart, Magic Archer, Baby Dragon, Prince, Inferno Dragon
  • Golem, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Ice Wizard, Zap, Poison, Cannon Cart, Log, Guards.
  • Inferno Dragon, Poison, Princess, Log, Inferno Dragon, Mega Minion, Dart Goblin.
  • Skeleton Barrel, Electro Wizard, Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, Dart Goblin, Baby Dragon, Log, Prince.

clash of royale best decks 2018

Theses best decks clash royale are my own creation I found the best and easy to obtained an upgrade, I played the game again and again and come up with these clash of royale best deck one more important thing to remember this article will be updated as I found new best deck so keep visiting.

 Top 3 Decks Ideas for Arena 1, 2 & 3 

Decks Ideas for Arena 1, 2 and 3 are given below you can choose any of them which you found best or even you can change according to you if you want all the below decks are very easy to obtained and have high power to destroy enemies you will love playing the game using these decks ideas.

clash of royale arena 1 2 3 decks

These are decks are standard giant beatdown with support cards and these cards will cover the following area’s given below must read the target area of each deck before directly using it so have look down to know more.

  • Knight: is act like a mini tank stop and destroy the enemy and can defend you for common cards even for positive trade.
  • Musketeer: is best for the air targets if your opponent deployed mini dragon don’t worry musketeer will take care of it, best things are that she can target ground too so you can secure your land in both ways.
  • Giant: is a little bit slow but highly target orientated deploy giant in only the condition when you have taken enough on the enemy in the win condition.
  • You can use Bomber, Barbarians, Baby Dragons, Goblin, either use single or in paired form for the best and strong splash attack must use in pair form.
  • In spells, you can use Fireball or Arrows but I will suggest you use fireball and don’t try to use both.
  • In cheap cards, you can go for 1 air and 1 ground option Minions, Skeletons, Goblins you can use any.

 Two Best Arena 4 Deck Ideas 

Ice Golem & P.E.K.K.A

best arena 4 deck clash royale

This deck is very powerful to destroy enemies and in the counter-attack, this is the best one.

This deck has Ice Golem and P.E.K.K.A and fireball to quickly damage the opponent.

For the air counter attack, you have mini dragon and Goblin etc and even you can use ground and air troops in the pair to destroy the opponent quickly.

Royal Giant Army

best arena 4 decks 2018

In the starting arenas like arena 4, I will suggest you use this royal giant deck because it is one of the best deck you will quickly destroy your enemy using this.

In this deck you will see Royal Giant with the mini P.E.K.K.A and Valkyrie when you start your attack with these your enemy will face difficulty to counter your attack and meanwhile if you deploy Minions and fire cannons for counter-attack use arrows.

You can also use Hog Rider instead of skeletons this is an optional change as this is also worked for me and you will love using Hong Rider because it has high health and high speed to destroy the opponent.

 The Best Deck for Arena 5 

best Arena 5 Decks 2018

You are going to crush your opponent in air and ground attacks because this is the most powerful deck this is not the final selection I will guide you which changes you can make and how to deploy the troops to crush your opponent.

First, deploy the Dart Goblin because it has fast firing rate and even it can fire from the distance it also has high speed after that deploy Fire Spirits because it is best in the defensive mode it will save you clan from attacks and with this deploy mini Dragon and then soon.

You can exchange witch with Goblin Gang because it is for 3 elixirs and can attack in air and ground and Witch is for 5 Elixir so this can be a good option If you want to change you can use Bomber instead of fire cannon.

With this deck, I have won many trophies if you like it then use it in this way and for changes, you have read the instruction or if you have the better idea to make it even better do comment.

 The Best Arena 6 Deck: 

Best arena 6 Decks 2018

This is the strongest deck combination to destroy the opponent troops and buildings.

The strategy of this deck is that first deploy the barbarians and then prince with that simultaneously deploy the Goblins and the Giant you can deploy Archers before the Goblins then for your defence use fireball, skeletons and other troops according to the need and your choice.

You can use Balloon bomb and fireball to crush the enemy through air attack so this makes this deck defensive and aggressive now it’s up to you how you want and how you can use this clash of royale deck 6.

 The Best Deck Ideas for Arena 7: 

Best arena 7 Decks of clash of royale 2018

In this, most troops are of high elixir you can use Elixir collector in replace of fireball I think it is good to replace with fireball because it will boost up the production of elixir collection so it will increase the deck productivity.

First deploy the mini Dragon then Dark Goblin because it can fire from distance and fire in a fast way then deploy Golem and then soon for your defence use fireball, Battle Ram and spells in the same time you can use Guards too but use them strategically only deploy when there is a need.

There are two strategies to crush the opponent either use defensive strategy or aggressive strategy to attack the opponent and to crush their buildings.

 The Best Deck Ideas for Arena 8 

2018 Cash Royale Best arena 8 Decks

This is the deadliest deck you will ever see in deck 8 range this deck is one of my favourite deck and I won many trophies using this deck.

My strategies in this deck are that first deploy the mini dragon and the P.K.K.A as defence and then Goblin and other cards accordingly to destroy the enemy troops and building.

If you want to make any changes in this deck I will suggest you replace Musketeer with cannons or tesla tower it will surely help you in your defence and meanwhile attack the opponent you will crush him in a minute.

Use minor poison accordingly to damage the opponent.

 The Best Deck Ideas for Arena 9, 10, 11 and 12 

In the 9 and upwards decks mostly, users opened legendary cards so I’m assuming too that you have opened the legendary cards and now you don’t have any problem obtaining them because now these upcoming decks will have legendary cards in it.

Best arena 9 Deck 2018 Clash Royale

The most powerful and deadliest deck you are seeing right now with that you going to crush your opponent in minutes I have record crushing my opponent in 40 seconds even some people crush in 30 secs with this deck strategy so use this deck and tell in the comment that its worked for you or not.

This 3M Miner Ram Swarm deck is dominating since long because it has most powerful cards.

My strategy to use this deck is that first I deploy mini dragon then Inferno Dragon with that I deploy Goblin and after that, I use Elixir collector and Spell, Dart Goblin and P.E.K.K.A according to the need and cannons. I suggest you to use according to your strategy either you are going defensive or aggressive I think using this deck your strategy should be aggressive.

Mega Knight & 3M Deck

Clash of Royale Arena 10 Deck Best 2018

This is the strongest deck with Mega Knight and Three Musketeers these are the main cards of the deck in rest you can make changes if you want to make change I will suggest you to replace spell with X-Bow or any other like cannon or tesla tower and use wisely not in aggressive you in this way you will lose.

Using this deck, I will suggest you to first deploy the Mega Knight and the mini dragon and then deploy 3m and rest of the cards according to the need and don’t forget to use elixir collector because it will help you to boost the production of the elixir.

This is a winner deck but you have to be very careful and smart while playing.

Dark Goblin Hog Rider Deck

Best arena 11 Deck 2018

This is the best defensive deck but if you use this deck wisely you can even use this in an aggressive manner I will share with you the strategy with you can use this deck in both ways.

If you wish to use this deck I will suggest you to first deploy the dark Goblin and hog rider and then Musketeer and when you enter in the opponent area and destroy his first defensive building deploy the cannon in the opponent area with skeletons and bats and then use fireball and other attacking cards to destroy the enemy clan quickly.

If you want to change in this deck I will suggest you to use elixir collector in replace of bats rest is on up to you how you deploy and what strategy you are going to use.

Mortar Squad

top 15 best decks clash of royale

This deck is one of the best deck of the clash of royale but it is up to you how to use this and how you will handle this.

If you use this deck wisely then you are going to win lots of trophies and don’t forget to use each card in a strategic way.

I will suggest you to first deploy the Hog Rider, Mini Dragon, Goblin and then P.E.K.K.A after that use cannons and rocket and spells and use ice spirit accordingly using this strategy you defiantly going to crush your enemy troops and building.

Keep your mind open while playing with this deck and use each card strategically rather than emotionally.

Bridge Spam Dark with Three Spell

Top Best Arena Collection of Clash of Royale

In this deck, you have lots of bridge spam followed by 3 spells now it is up to you how you going to use them deploy any spam whichever uses you so with this combination you really going to win.

Use arrows to damage the opponent troops coming in your areas and with dark goblin fasten attack on the opponent building as this attack really fast and with him use P.E.K.K.A and other cards and spells simultaneously.

Always play the game with your mind and strategically never ever try to play the game in an emotional way if you are losing don’t worry as losing is a part of the game and learn from your loose in what things you are lacking and why your opponent crushes you.

Remember use every card wisely and on perfect time.

The 3 Ice Gang

Best Arena of clash Royale

This deck will really help full for you because in this deck you have 3 ice cards using them you can slow down your enemy and kill them this is also really helpful in defensive mode if you wish to play in defensive this will help you a lot.

The strategy of this deck is deploying any of the cards from the ice family this will slow down the enemy attacks right after that deploy mini dragon and mini P.E.K.K.A followed by Mega Minion and use spells and X-Bow wisely according to the need this is the best strategy if you are using this deck.

With the above describe strategy and use of this deck you will surely crush your opponent in minutes but never lose hope while playing keep fighting until the last second and keep your mind opened.

P.E.K.K.A Lightning

Clash of Royale decks

This is the deadliest one use it owns your own risk yes, I’m serious this is the most powerful deck of the clash of royale you have ever seen but the condition is you have to use this deck wisely.

The strategy of this deck is that first deploy the Golem with Mini P.E.K.K.A and then Goblins with P.E.K.K.A after that you have chosen either you can deploy the ice Golem or damage the opponent with Lightning and then bats and if you have to repeat any card repeat it according to the need and use X- Bow to destroy the buildings which are damaged by the troops. You can use your own strategy too while playing as the situation can be different.

Always play the game with your mind for the mind keep it cool for better strategy don’t be aggressive to quickly you will lose the battle.

The Prince & Princes Army Deck

Best Deck for every arena

This Prince family deck is one of the best and #1 Deck in the world according to its power and available cards in it but again saying you have to use each card wisely and strategically.

let me share strategy ideas for this deck you can get an idea of how to use this deck from this strategy guide.

As this deck is based on the prince family I will suggest you to first deploy the dark prince and mini dragon after that you can deploy goblin. Deploy prince if the prince is surrounded by swarms immediately deploy the princess she will take care of them don’t forget to use the elixir collector in early stage and in the mid use Tornado to damage the buildings while playing you can face the different situation with a different opponent strategy so change the strategy on need.

Always try to play this game with your cool mind as this is a strategic game, winning your game is highly depending on your strategy so be smart and keep your emotions out when you are in battlefield and if you lose the game don’t be panic try to learn from your mistakes and opponent strategy and better luck next time.

Special Deck Clash Royale

Extra Special Guide
 How to convert your deck into the best clash of royale deck? 

This is a bonus part so fasten your seat belts I am going to reveal some secrets tips of mine with you how I convert normal decks into the best clash of royale deck and crush my opponent.

  • Well my strategy is simple I used to play as many battles as possible with one deck so could I find out the weakness and strength of that deck I use my deck in every manner and closely monitor each card.
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  • when I have to convert my deck into clash of royale best deck I don’t care whether I lose or win I keep my emotion out of the game and keep my mind open and play the game strategically after that I note down the strength and weakness on a sheet I use Microsoft excel sheet you can use simple notepaper too after this I make a list of cards which are weaken and sperate list of strong cards.

Clash of Royale tricks 2018

 How I Fix Weakness of My Cards: 
  • When I have a separate sheet, which is showing the strength and weakness of the cards then I start mentoring Remember I used descending order while making the weak and strong list by this I can better analysis my cards.
  • Then I try to replace the weak card with another card and again try my deck in battle keep testing my cards in battle and in the end this practice makes my deck unique and powerful and let me win more trophies.
  • This is a slow and continuous process so don’t be sad and keep trying and experimenting when you will be master on your cards and there timing I mean when to deploy that card in the battle zone you will start winning you are every battle.
  • And if you are now thinking about how we know which card to replace with which don’t worry I will tell you simple formula so you can easily replace your card whenever you want.
  • After analyzing your weaken card see whether it is air or ground attack card whether it is a defensive card or attacking card and realizing the category of your card look into the rest of the card which card can replace that card with more good specifications.
  • When you are confident enough on a card to replace with it then replace and use that card in your deck and test that card in battle.
  • For example, you can replace Cannon (Defensive) with Tesla tower.
  • Well, I will again advise you it’s a slow process you have to do experiments and test each card in battle so don’t panic and keep testing and winning battles.clash of royale best decks 2018
 How to Choose Best Spell for Your Deck? 

Spell are the essential part of the deck it gives boost to your other card while they are in battle and give extra strength while you are in battle zone so spell is must be used with the right cards in your decks you don’t need every spell in your deck chose your spell according to your deck need and requirement below I will explain each spell and will guide you how to choose them.

Spell 1:

With just a single spell, you should utilize a multitalented or you can say flexible that can be direct damage spell, for example, fireball, zap, arrows. If you have only one spell it will enable the use of more troops then spell you can only use the spell single time so with one spell you can less direct damage.

Spells 2:

Mostly 2 spells are used in the deck and I think this is the best option too mostly 1 spell is of high damage mean powerful and another spell in of low damage or less powerful spell mostly used in the decks this type of combination makes the flexible use of the spell you can use multi spells instead of one.

Spells 3:

Use of the 3 spells make the deck more flexible and multifunctional as in 3 spells you have more options you can use 1 powerful spell and other 2 weaken or even you can use 2 powerful and 1 weaken it’s up to you how you want to use your spells.

Clash Royale Best Spells

According to my thinking spells must be used as a backup option or in the middle or end of the game, don’t use in the start of the game spells like lighting and other must be used in the mid of the battle or when the battle is nearly to finish.

 Use spells which strengthen your deck: 

You only must use those spells which strengthen your decks and fulfils there need also consider you cards before using the specific spell in your deck now it’s up to you whether you want to use the lightning spell or you want to use the fireball or zap or arrow or you want to use a combination of different spell even you can use special effect spells like clone, freeze and others to destroy your enemy buildings in the battle.

Mostly fireball and rocket in combination used to destroy the opponent building and troops these spell combinations consider to be the strongest and best combination as both spells are of good power and ability to high damage the enemy in battle.

Now you have the clear image which spells to use and how to use it is your duty now to check which spell you want to use in your deck and if you need any help while choosing the best spell in your deck you can comment below I will surely guide you and tell you how to use best one.

 How to create synergy (or you can say how to create best combined attacking effort of cards) 

Synergy is very important while playing the clash of royale because you should deploy card which supports another card so you keep in the game and destroy your enemy building and troops.

You should know which card combination is best to deploy first know can know this by experimenting and testing combination of cards or you can simply follow me I will describe you how you can create synergy among your cards.

Remember if you have synergy among your 2 cards it good when you have more synergy among cards this will make your deck weaken even you will not able to perfectly deploy the cards either your deck will become defensive or attacking so if you want synergy among your cards always try to have in 2 cards so you can easily deploy both in same time one after one.

For example, Prince and Princess or Miner and Minions and so on.

Well always remember while creating or using cards which have synergy among them

  • Always see their elixir cost either they are expensive or cheap.
  • Never go for higher elixir cards because it will take more time.
  • Always try to find a combination of cards which consume less elixir cost so you cab benefits from them more.
  • If the combination of the card creating weakness in your deck then reevaluate the cards and try to replace them with the other cards to keep your deck strong and powerful.

clash of royale card roles

 Overview of Cards Role in Clash of royale: 

Well if you haven’t aware with what is card role I will explain you in the rest of the article what is card role and how you can benefit from it by knowing your card category and their rolls.

In the clash of royale cards in the deck can be from one category offering one same role to be fulfilled let me explain you in more simple words card role mean a group of cards having same Goal or target for example: Anti-air group include a mini dragon, bats etc.

 Clash Royal Decks and Card Role: 

You also have seen that many decks of the clash of clans using cards which have the same role.

For example: you may have seen in one deck Bowler, Executioner and Wizard and other same roles card this can decrease the productivity of the deck you can replace the cards with other cards which have different card roles and have more attacking power so that they can destroy quickly your enemy in the battlefield this can increase productivity of your deck and you can also make good and high-power deck with this strategy.

 Hog Rider & Dark Prince Analysis: 

As you know Hog Rider is the most powerful card that’s why its used in more decks because of its health and power and he is very popular in the win conditions and he is used in almost every meta (I will explain meta in rest of the article).

Hong Rider and Dark Prince 2018

Hong rider can be used for 2 purpose and it fulfill the role of two cards for example: he can be used to damage the towers and also have ability and enough power to tank and damage the cards like Musketeer and others, so this makes Hong Rider so powerful that’s why you see him in almost every deck if your deck is lack of him try to add him by replacing some weak card and make your deck stronger.

While in Dark Prince case the scenario is different he also does splash damage and become tank and do resistance but the difference is the Dark Prince doesn’t have enough health and power to be in win condition card role category, that’s why you don’t see dark prince in decks few decks uses dark prince but, in the deck, they must have other cards which are more powerful.

With the help of this guide, you can analyse your deck as you have seen Hong Rider and Dark Prince analysis using this strategy analyse your whole deck and make your deck more strong and powerful.

 Overview of Ladder Deck & Challenge Decks: 

Clash Royale Best Trophy Decks

Decks may be of two type ladder and challenge but what really these terms mean I will explain you the main difference between them in the rest of the article so you can know the difference between these two decks.

The main difference between the ladder and challenge deck is that Ladder has only one-minute additional time while in the challenge you have three-minute time. In the ladder most of the games gone draw because you have less time and you are mostly playing in defensive mode, in the ladder you mostly have deck which have card with higher power either they consume high elixir or not you try to use cards with heavy and strong health and power to quickly destroy your enemy.

While the situation in the Challenges is different as in this you have more time so you play your game with cool mind and strategically so you can win the game in the challenge deck you mostly have variety of cards you are using low to high elixir cards with different powers and heaths even you will see different spells in the Challenge deck because it makes the deck more strong and powerful.

So, the outcome is in ladder deck you should use high power and health cards and forget about the elixir cost. High health cards work just as unlimited health mod in Mini Militia by using less resources and regenerating health quickly.  While the situation is totally different in the challenge deck because in this deck you have to make diversity and from high to low-level power and health cards.

I hope so you understand this if not you can comment below I will explain you in another and more simple and easy way.

  Meta Strategy Importance: 

Meta Strategy

You should consider Meta when you are analyzing your clash of royale deck so you will be thinking that what is meta I will be going to explain what is meta in the rest of the article.

The Meta is the strategy which is developed by the Clash of Royales Players which become most effective and powerful throughout the balance change. There can be different meta and you may see different meta according to the range of the trophies like trophies range from 3000+ to 6400+ and elite barbs are the essential part of this strategy and used in each and every single match while you may have seen that below 3000+ trophies range elite barbs are barely used.

Some old Meta strategy is using: Royal Giant, Giant Poison, PEKKA, Hog Trifecta, and Double Prince etc.

You can also use different metas as this is the best strategy to win more trophies or even you can make your deck, even more, better while following this strategy, I will explain this strategy idea in different post so keep following and subscribe to the notification so you can read each and every post and up to date yourself.

Be Confident on your Deck

The most important thing is to be confident on your deck if your morals are high you will win more trophies even you have the less stronger deck so full confidence on the deck and believing in yourself that you can destroy enemy towers and the building will make you more stronger and let you to win more trophies.

Always believe in yourself and above said confidence on your deck your opponent is like you he is not come from mars so try to think like he thinks more sharply then whim if he loses you don’t worry make that lose your strength and better attack next time.

If you see that your deck has the card with weakness try to replace it with which have more power and health you can use the method described above to make your deck, even more, stronger then you could ever think to have.

best decks clash royale updated 2018

While choosing best deck for clash of royale don’t be hesitate and select up to 3 decks and try to test each deck in the battlefield and closely analyse which deck working better for you and then after make it your regular deck and with the passage of time replace less valuable cards with more value cards because diversity is very much necessary in this game.

The more diversity you have in your deck the more powerful and productive deck you will have.

In the last, I will say this is a strategic war game try to cool your mind and keep your emotions out of the game and play the game wisely and strategically using this you surely going to win more trophies.

If you have better deck ideas share in the comment I will add them to this article with your name and if you have any suggestions you can ask I will love to answer them.

Please subscribe to the Notification so you could not miss any single update about the clash of royale decks updates.

If you are interested in the clash of royale private server then click here.

Happy Playing !!!

Please note that this article is for education purpose if any kind of misuse of information will not be responsible. We don’t have any affiliation nor have any link with the supercell.

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