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clashservers.net is a site for users who are keen to explore COC Private Servers, have a ton of questions and would like to get answers and have tons of fun with using COC Private Servers APK to play games without limits. It’s also for users who want to understand what really COC Server and what it’s features. You want to use the app for learning so check clash of clans update

coc private server features

In Each clan has a leader, co-leader and only one of can start a war. When you go to the war then each clan gets one preparation day. Once war begins all players receive stars that is based on the amount of “destruction caused”.

Each player play clash of clans online & clash of clans android gets to attack twice per war and then the team with the most stars, they win at the end of the war. If in each team has the same number of stars, then their is higher destruction percentage to wins a team.

You can get bonus loot, if you use your attack during the war, and this type (clash of clans online) of lute is decided by Supercell. There are several increments of bonus loot in clash of clans league shop. If you win, you can get all of the bonus loot that is available; if you lose, you get a third of the available bonus loot.

There are Friendly Challenges where players from the same clan can challenge each other but there is no loot, trophies awarded. These battles do not affect your armies.

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